Olivia Wear Dress Review 2

 Hello! Today I will be reviewing another beautiful dress from a very nice doll shop, Olivia Wear

 This dress is high quality, and it is super soft.

 The hem is very neat and clean.

 The edges on the dress are all well done, and there are no messy stitches. 

 On the waist of the dress, there is a big black bow, which adds a nice detail.

 This dress is perfect for any occasion!

 Sarah loves her new dress!

 Any doll will feel super stylish in a dress from Olivia Wear.

 This dress is especially great for this time of year! 

I hope you enjoyed!

Don't forget to check out Olivia Wear here!

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  1. Hi Amaya! I was wondering about the long gaps between posts, is it because of the holiday season? In love this dress! It looks so chic and yet so simple! Great post!!

  2. That dress is super pretty! It's great for Christmas and for other formal events!:)

  3. Would you like to do my blog series?

  4. Amaya!!! You need to post more often!!! It's New Years Eve and you haven't given mention about Christmas or anything!!!

  5. It would be nice to see more posts but let's not pressure Amaya. Doesn't every one have a life?