Doll Sized Find: Starbucks Cups

Hello everyone! I was at Target today, and on my way out at the Starbucks, I noticed some really cute doll sized cups. They were actually ornaments, but if you cut the ribbon off, they make great doll Starbucks cups.

 They came in these four designs. They are all super cute and perfectly doll sized!

 This is probably my favorite out the four!
 Each cup retails for $6.95, which is kind of expensive in my opinion.

 I also really like this red cup! It looks a lot like the real thing.

Do you like Starbucks?

I hope you enjoyed!

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  2. I love Starbucks! Those cups are adorable. Since they are ornaments you could chance the selection and wait to see what is left after the holidays. They should be half off then. :)

  3. That is great! Going to post any other finds?

  4. Cool! I love StarBucks! Their cakepops are BOMB!!! Have you ever tasted their cake pops?