Doll Skater Dress Sewing Project

 Hey guys! The other day, I finished a new sewing project; a dress. It took me about 4ish hours to make, but I am pleased with the results. Here are a few pictures of it with Rebecca as the model. I am also going to sew some leggings to go with it. Also, the winner of the poll for the Caption That Doll Photo will be announced tomorrow.

 Here is an overview of the dress. 


 The dress is sealed with velcro in the back.

 Do you like to sew? 

 I hope you enjoyed! 

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  1. You've been nominated for an award on our blog! Check it out here:
    We can't wait to hear your answers!
    ~The OurAGDollhouse girls

  2. cute dress! the fabric is lovely. :)

    i love sewing for my dolls! the vast majority of their wardrobe was made by me. :3

    1. Thank you! I like the fabric too. :)

      That's really cool!

  3. Fabulous to the highest level!
    I sown two things for my dolls - a dress for a Barbie , an apron for my friend's Grace . Both were given to her for her birthday, and she loved them ! :)

  4. You did a really nice job on this dress, Amaya. Very pretty.
    - Dawn