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 Hello everyone! A few days ago, I posted a "Caption That Doll Photo" post. Many of you had great ideas! In today's post, you can vote for your favorite caption!


McKenna: "Yessss!!! I won!!!"
Sarah: "Not so fast, I think you miss counted your number of spaces."
McKenna: "What, no!"
Sarah: *Counts* "Yep, you did."
McKenna: "Fine." *Moves her piece back one space* "Your turn."
Sarah: *Rolls* "Ha! I landed on you! Sorry..."
McKenna: "Gah! No fair!"
Sarah: *Smiles smugly*


Sarah: Haha! I won, and you didn't!
Mkenna: Actually.... *throws Sarah's game pieces into the trash*
Sarah: That's against the rules!
McKenna: Hey, that's Mkenna board game. You're the one who wanted to play, and I warned you that you'd probably never win.


Mckenna: Sarah, can we stop playing?
Sarah: What? Why?
McKenna: Everything that I look at is food!
Sarah: Like what?
Mckenna: Well, your shirt has strawberries, there's an ice-cream cone poster behind you, and even this Sharpie and notepad are starting to look like cheese!
Sarah: Well, before you run to the fridge, can we at least finish the game?
Mckenna: Fine, it's your turn anyways, but I doubt that you'll win.
(Sarah jumps all of Mckenna's pieces)
Mckenna: (sighs) I'm not hungry anymore.


McKenna: "Yay I got another piece out! It's your turn, Sarah."
Sarah: "Finally in the safe zone! I just need a three to win!"
McKenna: "I got a twelve."
Sarah: "Go back four. Out of the safe zone."
McKenna: "I got a three."
Sarah: "Yay I got a seven! I won!
McKenna: "Want to play again?"
Sarah: "Sorry can't. I have home work."

Faith Morton:

Sarah: I'm hungry!
McKenna: You ate five minutes ago!
Sarah: I know but I'm hungry again!
McKenna: But we need to finish this game!!
Sarah: Just a minute!
*Gets up and walks to the kitchen to get a snack*
McKenna: Might as well add this game to the list of games we haven't finished! Wow only one more until 100!!  

Kayla Burton:

Sarah: CHECKMATE! !!!!!!
Mckenna: Um...... Isabelle this is Sorry
Sarah: but isn't Sorry chess........ in a way.
Mckenna: NO! What makes you think that
Sarah: What makes you think you can do your homework in the middle of our Chess game.
Mckenna: This is the score board!!!!!! NOT HOMEWORK.
Sarah: Am I winning ?
Mckenna: Well you know how every week you and I play a game.
Sarah: Ya
Mckenna: Today I wanted to choose a new game, one neither of us have played before.
Mckenna:Well.. I WAS just about to read the instuctions but when you came back from getting a snack you moved your pieces and yelled checkmate
Sarah: ohhhhhhh, Im still confused

There will be a poll on the sidebar for you to vote on! :)

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