Doll Sized Finds

 Hey guys! The other day I went shopping, and stopped at a few different places. I found some really cute doll sized items, and I thought that I would share what I found with all of you! :)

 The first item is this little Eiffel Tower eraser. I saw it at Barnes and Noble and thought that it would be a cute little room decor piece for a Paris themed room.

 The next find is this pack of cute little doll sized highlighters. They are really tiny and would be great for dolls. This also can be found at Barnes and Noble. 

 They also had this pack of 6 vanilla scented macaron erasers. They are a little big for AG dolls in my opinion, but I still think they are really cute.

 The next item is this lip balm pack. The burger is really cute and the right size. I think it would be a great addition to my doll diner and for Maryellen! The other container looks like fries, which is super cute as well. 
This too was found at Barnes and Noble.

 They also had the new Beforever mini doll Maryellen! I think she is really cute!
What do you think?

 Barnes and Noble also has an 18" doll line, which look a lot like the Journey Girl dolls. They had some cute outfits, this one reminds me of Grace. :)
(Sorry about the reflection.)

 They also had this really cute beach outfit set.

 At the checkout, they had these really cute doll sized lunch boxes, which are actually gift card holders. I though these were adorable, and they are perfect for back to school!
They say "gift card holder" on them, but maybe you could put a sticker with the doll's name there to cover that.

 At Joann Fabrics, they had these adorable flameless candles which are perfectly doll sized. These would look really cute in a little doll living room! I placed them net to the big ones so you can see how small and cute they are.

I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. All of the items are super cute! I love the lunch boxes!

  2. Cute!! I especially love the vanilla scented erasers! :D

  3. Alol the stuff are really awesome ! I just got the Maryellen mini at AGPlaceNY , and she is adorable !

  4. Those are all cute finds, I was at Barnes and Nobel the other day and saw the macarons, cheeseburger and fries, and highlighters.

  5. Great finds! Thank you for pointing them out. I haven't been to Barnes and Noble in ages...perhaps a trip is in the future.

  6. Do the lunch boxes have handles on them?

  7. So cute!!!! I love all the erasers :)

  8. Thanks for the heads up on this stuff--I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up two of the mini lunchboxes, so cute! To whoever asked--yes, they do have handles on them just like a real lunchbox. And where it says "gift card holder" is just a sticker that peels right off, yay!

  9. How fun! I wish I could shop with you!!! I have to get the Eiffel Tower for my daughter in high school. She's been there --I haven't! :-)

  10. I REALY wish they had NOT changed the cloth body to plastic.

    1. I still like her though. I really like Mary-ellen

    2. Sorry for the typo in my first message.