Super Quick and Easy Craft: Make a Fan to Keep Your Doll Cool

Hi everyone! First some news: See this post for details about the upcoming Madison Benefit Sale meet up. And see this post to enter an amazing giveaway!
And now for today's craft: a quick and easy fan to help keep your doll cool this summer. She might even need this at the Madison Sale because it can get pretty hot standing in the sun for that long.

Rebecca has been keeping cool for sure, and your doll can too!

All you need is some skinny popsicle sticks, some pretty scrapbooking paper or cardstock paper (or these fun funwithagfan fan printables, lol), some tape, and scissors.

If you choose to use the funwithagfan printable, print as many as you want to 9x size (9 fit on a sheet.) Using a thicker cardstock will make it sturdier and the colors more vivid.
If you do not want this logo, you just cut a circle out of any pretty sturdy paper for any pattern you want.

Start off by cutting your popsicle stick in half.

Cut out the printable, or your own design.

Now all you have to do is tape the popsicle stick onto the back of your fan! 

That's it!

Since it is very humid where I live, my dolls will be using this fan a lot! :) 

I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Cute ! I'll try this , maybe even post it on my blog . Hopefully this will keep her cool through the NY heat waves !

    1. I hope you have fun making it and that it keeps your doll cool. :)

  2. I will make this! It's not too hot where I live, but it does get up to the high 80's. Did you paint Rebecca's nails?

    1. Yeah, it can get pretty hot here, but the summer doesn't last long. No, I didn't paint her nails. :)

  3. Love it! Great marketing tool too. :-)