Quick Craft: Make a Doll Ball of Yarn

 Hello everyone! I have been loving yarn crafts lately, and thought that my dolls and their pets would like to have some yarn of their own. Doll sized balls of yarn are great props in your doll scenes, and they are super easy to make.

 Praline loves playing with her new ball of yarn!

 You will need:
Yarn in any color, and scissors.

 Start off by wrapping your yarn around four fingers until it is about 1" wide.

 Once you are done, cut of the excess and tuck it into your yarn.

 Cut a small piece of yarn and tie a knot around your yarn.

 Now cut off the excess from the piece you just used to tie around your yarn.

 Fold your ball in half, and start wrapping more
yarn around it until it is nice and smooth.

 Almost there!

 Time to finish it off!

 Cut off about 4" excess.

 Now all you have to do to keep your ball of yarn from coming apart is to tuck the 4" piece of yarn underneath any piece of yarn.

 I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. This is such a cute little craft :) It's so easy and simple and you only need yarn ! This is an amazing craft , thank you so much for it <3 I love it ! My dolls' pets are going to like this very much !

    1. :) Yeah, it is so easy to make!
      Thank you so much! Your doll's pets will love a new toy to play with!