Grace at Mall of America and News

Hi, doll fans! Today I am finally posting my photos from the AG place in Mall of America. I only got a few photos, and they are all of Grace and her bakery.
Scroll down for the news!
The bakery is way too expensive, but it's amazing!! I am inspired to make one, but we'll see.

I love all the details!

She is so pretty.

This is a nice set, but the bakery is more impressive.

I definitely want Grace. Do you have her? Do you plan to get her?

And now for the news: First of all, the American Girl Warehouse sale in Wilmot, Wisconsin is going to be June 11-13. I am planning to go! Are you?

Also, stay tuned for a sweeeet giveaway! :)

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  1. I love Grace! She is so cute! My favorite of her stuff is her travel coat.

  2. I LOVE Grace! I only have like 30$$$$ for her.:( I love her bakery, i made my own diy version of it! I also want her pjs, city outfit, and bonbon!

  3. I'm going to the MCM AG sale!

  4. I love Grace. I still haven't made up my mind about her. However, only 6 months left to decide.

    If you decide to build your own bakery, I know it will be stunning - just look at your diner! And bathroom!

    Wish I lived close enough to go to the sale. :(