Craft: Make a Doll Size Basket Ball Hoop with Stand

Hello, everyone! Today I have a sporty doll craft to show you. Well, it's actually going to be my dad guest posting today. I had this idea that I was starting to work on, and I asked my dad for something from the garage, and he sort of took over. lol
He asked if he could make it for me out of wood (I was originally going to use cardboard), so he ended up making the whole thing.

So I would say this is an advanced craft, but you could easily make one out of cardboard and just hang it over a door instead of building a stand. Let's take a look!

Here is the finished basketball hoop my dad made for my dolls.

You will need a rectangle piece of wood (or cardboard if you prefer), a piece of netting that comes on a piece of fruit at the grocery store, a craft hoop (or wire), some jump rings, duct tape, small nails and braces if you are using wood.

My dad took two pieces of wood and put them together in the back like this.

Then he covered it in some canvas-type fabric that he had.

Then he stapled/nailed it around in the back.

Like this.

Then he put black electrical tape around the edges to look like a basketball hoop.

And another layer of tape to form a rectangle.

He took the netting and put a jump ring through each point and then looped it onto the craft ring.

Like so.

Then he clamped the hoop on with the little braces and nails he had. He ended up using 3 of them.

Then, with some scraps of wood he had in the garage, he made a quick stand and painted it black. The stand is 4 smaller pieces on the bottom forming a windmill kind of shape, around a taller piece, as you can see.

Then he just nailed it to the back. And that's it!

Now my dolls can practice shooting some hoops any time!


I hope you enjoyed!

If you want to see the other tutorial made my my dad, click here.

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  1. Wow! your whole family is so crafty! Tell your dad that it is awesome!!!!!
    It looks really real! :)

  2. Can I borrow your dad? That is great!!!! I wanted to buy a hoop at the dollar store and they didn't have any. I will certainly try to make this! Your family is so clever!!!!! Thank you for showing us!!! I also want to make soccer goal posts. Didn't you do that once?

    1. :) Lol! If you do make it, feel free to send me a picture! :) You are very welcome, and yes, I did a post for that before, here is the link: :)

  3. Where did you get a basketball that's doll sized?
    And that is super cute idea I never thought of a basketball hoop
    Good job!

    1. I am not sure where I got mine, but I have seen them at the dollar store. :)

    2. Ok cool I will look there I have a doll who is super sporty and tomboy ish

  4. Wow! That is amazing! Tell your dad someone from online says this is great, good job! :-)

  5. Great hoop! Looks awesome and very sturdy.

  6. Very cute! I think this would be a great craft for those that have Julie.