Craft: Make a Doll Sheer Canopy Reading Nook

Hi, doll lovers! Today, I have a super easy craft for you to make for your doll so she can have a cozy reading corner in her room. It's simple and elegant, and would make any doll space look extra pretty!

We are going to make this doll sheer canopy! You have probably seen these before. This idea is inspired by all the DIY canopy tutorials out there, it's just in doll size!

You will need: An embroidery hoop (mine is 10"), sheer valance (or a curtain cut down to size and hemmed, or sheer fabric), ribbon, scissors.

Start by taking the inner ring out of the embroidery hoop, then unscrew the screw.:)

If you have a valance, you should already have a nice place where the rod goes, and that's where you are going to put your hoop through.

If you have a valance, it should already be the right length. If not, you will need to cut your curtain to be as long as you want it, depending on the height of your doll's room, plus a little left over to spread out on the floor. So you are going to put the hoop through the valance. If you just have fabric, you can drape it over, or sew a little help to look the hoop onto.

Once you have put the valance all the way on, you can close the hoop back up and screw it together. You don't need the inner ring. You can use that for another craft.

Then just take some ribbon and on where the valance opens.

Then you can cut and attach ribbon in to more places to form a pyramid shape to hang it from. I have taped it on place here and I will sew in that piece in one tiny spot.

This is how it should look when you hold it up!

That's it! You can put a chair in it...

Or just some comfy pillows. 

I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. How cute and creative!

  2. that is so cute!!!
    from tiff-a-turkey

  3. I love this! So gonna make it.

  4. What a great idea and pretty inexpensive! It looks like a very cozy spot!

    1. Thanks, yeah it was really inexpensive to make.

  5. Fabulous! I've marked this one to return to later.

  6. That's a great idea! I would've never thought of that!