Restaurant Catastrophe

  Hi everyone! Today, McKenna and Isabelle went to a restaurant for lunch. They experienced some funny, and crazy things. Let's take a look! 

 Summer: "Hi, my name is Summer, and welcome to Anne's Bistro! How may I serve you today?"

 Summer: "Oh, I nearly forgot! You need menus to order, of course."
Summer: "Be right back."

 Summer: "Whew! Sorry for the confusion, this is my first week working here."
Isabelle: "Oh, it's alright, I totally understand."

 McKenna: "They have...BURGERS here?"

 Summer: "Yes, by far we are the only French restaurant that has burgers, plus, why do you think the word french fries has french in it?" lol
McKenna: "Oh, alright! I'll have the burger basket then, and to drink I'd like a cream soda."

 Summer: "What about you hun?"
Isabelle: "I'd like some spaghetti, and to drink I'd just like some milk."
Summer: "Sounds great, would you like any appetizers?"
Isabelle: "Oh! Yeah, I'd like the fruit bowl."
Summer: "Great choice!"

 Summer: " want spaghetti, burger basket, cream soda, milk, and fruit bowl, right?"
Isabelle and McKenna: "Yep!"

 McKenna: "I can't wait to get my food, I sure am hungry."
Isabelle: "Yeah!"
 Summer: "Here is your fruit bowl and drinks!"
Isabelle: "Oooh! Looks yummy!"
Summer: "I'm glad! I'll be right back with your food."

 Summer: "One burger basket...."

 Summer: "....and spaghetti!"

 Summer: "Okay, you girls enjoy your food, and I'll be right back to check on you."

 McKenna: "Oooh, smells good! I'll just grab a fry...."

 McKenna: "Woops."

 McKenna: "Mmm, this burger is tasty!"

 Summer: ""

 Summer: "Oh my!"

 Summer: "Why are there fries on the floor?"

 McKenna: "Woops..heh, heh, sorry."

 Summer: "It's is your food?"
Isabelle: "Tasty!"
McKenna: "Yeah, it's really good."
 McKenna: "It just needs a little more salt..."

 McKenna: "woops, I sure am a messy eater."

 Isabelle: "I'm full, what about you McKenna?"
McKenna: "Yeah!"

 Summer: "Okay, the total will be $55.00"

 Isabelle: "Ummm, I forgot my money. What about you, McKenna?"

 McKenna: "Nope, I thought you brought it! I saw you with your pink purse!
You'll have to go home and get it, quick!"

 Isabelle: "I think I know where I left it....
Uh, ma'am, I have to run home and get my purse with the money in it. I'll be right back."

"Oh brother...she is so scatterbrained."

Do you lose things like Isabelle? Are you clumsy like Mckenna?
Do you prefer spaghetti, or burgers, or fruit?
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  1. That was really funny! :) Yeah I lose my things all the time! Great post!
    I really like fruit! :) <3

    1. Me too, I love fruit and I lose things. :)

  2. Fruit AND spaghetti. (not with, that would be weird) :0)

  3. That was funny! I'm like both of them - I'm super clumsy and always lose stuff. I like burgers, if they're the veggie kind (I'm vegetarian).

    1. That's cool. I have never had a vegetarian burger!

  4. A girl and her dollsMarch 4, 2015 at 2:47 PM

    cool! I love your food, it looks so real!!! is the hamburger bun made with a sponge? it looks fabulous!

    1. Thanks, it is made using a styrofoam. :)

    2. A girl and her dollsMarch 9, 2015 at 2:13 PM

      did you paint it?

    3. Yeah! I mixed red, yellow, brown, and a hint of orange, and slightly watered it down so it applied more easily.

  5. Cute photostory! Summer looks so pretty!:)

  6. Haha! Sooo cute! The food looks really adorable! :)

  7. Great photo story! Very funny. I like all the foods they ordered. Everything looked so good. That hamburger basket especially. :-)

  8. BURGERS!!!!!!!!