Doll Sized Find for Grace: Napkins

Hello! Today I have a doll sized find for Grace. Take a look!

These fancy tissues were on clearance at Hobby Lobby. They were in the wedding section, and they were $.33. They are the mini packs like the ones your mom sticks in her purse. They had different letters on them. It doesn't really matter, but I picked G for Grace.

If you turn it inside out or just turn it around, there is no letter and if you fold it in half, it makes a perfect napkin for Grace's bistro!

I think it matches the French bistro design very well.

I hope you enjoyed, and maybe you can find some at your local Hobby Lobby!
There were a lot left when I was there. :)

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  1. Great find, they look perfect!

  2. Wow! Adorable find! Those are so cute and look great int the bistro!


    1. Thank you, I think they look very bistro-ish. :)

  3. That is such a great idea for using swankies to make doll napkins. Just brilliant!

  4. So cute!!! Yeah my mom has them in her purse :D Except hers are plain and not very pretty looking...I'll have to find some with designs on them :)

  5. Those are really cute! I love them! :)