Quick Craft: Make a Doll TV

Hi everyone! Today, I will be showing you how to make an easy doll TV. This took me about one minute to make, it's that easy! I like this craft because it's made with supplies that almost everyone has now-days. :)

 For this craft you will need:
A phone holder (the kind your phone comes in when you buy a new phone)
It is usually inside another box that your phone comes in.
 A magazine or small cutout (I used a gummy box)

Let's get started!

 Cut a small piece out of your magazine/box that is small enough to fit in the phone holder.

 Fold the flap back in, and use sticky tack to place it on your doll's wall!
It's that easy!
This would also work as a monitor for this post. 

 As you can see, Chloe loves Cars. :)

I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. That is sooooo cute! I think I have one of those somewhere! :)

  2. i have made 5 of them now

  3. How adorable and what a creative use of all those old phone cases!

  4. That's really neat. Way to re-purpose left over packaging. :-D

  5. I love repurposing ideas. Great way to think outside the box, or should I say "inside"! :)

  6. That is so cool! I am definitely going to make that! I sent you a few emails by the way, just to let you know! also i changed my blog a little bit and have a new post on something i bought! xx angie (your blog is looking great!)

  7. Very clever! I wonder if I have a phone box I could use...

  8. Sorry for not putting this with my other comment, but I nominated you for an award on my blog! Just click on my name, and the link is there.