New Our Generation Set Review

Hello! Our Generation recently released some new items, they are so cute! I went to my local Target to pick one set up for me, and one for you! (Which I will be giving away soon).

Let's get started with the review!

I got the movie set.
 Here is everything that came in the set!

 It comes with a drawstring bag, popcorn, soda, tickets, and 3-D glasses.

 I love the tickets! They are blue, and say "Admit One" on the front. They are perforated, so you can tear them for individual tickets.

 Next, are the glasses. I LOVE these! They are so realistic, but are not real 3-D glasses of course. :)

 They fit on American Girl perfectly!

 Next, it comes with soda! I LOVE this item. It's so cute!

 The lid can be removed, and the lid, and straw are bendy. :)

 The inside is hollow, so if you like, you can put a real drink in there! 

 Next it comes with popcorn. No, the popcorn does not come out of the box. :)

 The back. 

 The last thing is the drawstring purse. This is co cute! It can fit your doll's money, phone, whatever! I will be using this a lot!

 The inside is fairly large. You can fit a lot of things in here!
I overall love this set. I totally recommend buying it!

Stay tuned for a giveaway! :)

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  1. Great review! Those tickets are super cute!:)

  2. Cool! I'll have to look for this.

  3. That's sooo adorable!!! I love the little grape soda! :)

  4. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    The only issue I have w/ this set is who goes to the movies alone? I wish it had 2 of the food and glasses. And who are all those extra tickets for? If it weren't for that, I'd buy it!

    1. LOL Yeah. :) I guess if you loose some? hehe

  5. That is so cute! I am going to try and find it!

  6. That is such an adorable set! I love it! :)

  7. Can't wait for the giveaway!!!!!

    Allie D.

  8. What a cute set! I love the review.

  9. Cute set! I don't go to target often and mines usually doesn't have stuff in stock. I need to start looking online!

    1. Yeah! It's really neat. :) Oh, yeah, neither does ours! I was lucky to find this set!

  10. Great review. If I see this one, I'll definitely be picking it up.

  11. That's an adorable set!!

  12. I got this set for Christmas I love it!