Photoshoot with Rebecca and Behind the Scenes

Hello wonderful readers! Today I have a sweet photostory for you, along with some "Behind The Scenes"/Tips! So, let's get started!

 "Thanks for coming chocolate!"
Chocolate: "Woof!"

 "Yum! Amaya packs good lunches!" lol

 "Creamy macaroni, root beer, and gummies!""

"Time for pictures now." 

"Hmmm...not much to see down here." 

"How about up there?"

"Not much going on up there either."
Behind The Scenes

 What I bring: Doll, props, camera, towel (to sit on so my pants don't get dirty), and some music (I use my tablet). I put everything in a tote bag, and go!

 Posing your doll can be hard! Sometimes, I even use my leg to hold my doll up for a hard pose, then crop out my leg. :)

  I am not an expert photographer, but I still have fun! Close ups are always fun.

 The pets are fun to use in my doll photos. :)

 Now, for the most-asked question: What camera do you use?
I use......
My Mom's phone! lol. She has the Samsung Note 3 phone and it takes really clear photos if I am outside. I have been struggling this winter because it has been so gloomy and cold so I don't have much natural light. I also sometimes use my dad's Nikon. That takes good pictures too.


Do you like photography?

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  1. I love photography! I take my sisters photos for her blog. (

    I recently have taken lots of photos on my blog. It would make my day if you could check it out!

    Allie D.

  2. I actually take pics with my Mom's phone too, she has a Samsung 4 and it has an awesome editing program.

  3. A girl and her dollsJanuary 3, 2015 at 8:39 AM

    I take pics with my tablet and our camera, it's not very good, but I can still take good pics with it.
    where did you get all that food? it looked so real??

  4. Great pictures and tips. The Samsung phones 3 and up have great cameras included. It's nice she lets you use it.
    The picnic lunch looks great and her outfit is adorable!

  5. Amaya, i have a question. What does favor a etsy shop mean and how do you do it????

    1. Hi Rebecca! If you go to their etsy shop, you can click the "favorite" button on the left. That's all you have to do. :)

  6. Awesome tips! I always bring my doll, props, camera, a hair brush, and a scrap piece of carpet to sit on! Rebecca's lunch is adorable and I love the pictures of her! :)