Our Generation Luggage Set Review

Hi! Today I am going to review a doll travel set from Our Generation called the Home Accessory Luggage Set. This is a great value because it comes with tons of accessories and a super cute suitcase for $24.99 and you might find it on sale. My brother gave me this for Christmas. :)
It is a great substitute for Grace's travel set. The camera even has a photo image of a doll in front of the Eiffel Tower, as you will see below.

Here is the whole set with everything that comes with it.

Starting with the suitcase, it is a pretty blue that has a little sparkle.

It snaps closed, and has a pull out handle. It doesn't fit a lot inside, but it is really cute.

 It sort of looks like leather stitching on the side.

This pink cosmetic bag is really cute. It can hold a lot of little items as you will see.

This little pack of gum is cute too. It comes opened like that.

Here is the pack inside. This is what inspired my gum craft that you can see here.

Of course your doll needs a passport to travel to Paris! It is very realistic.

Here is the inside of the passport.

Here's the boarding pass.

And it has the ticket inside. This is all really cute and realistic.

This luggage tag is one of my favorite pieces in this set. It is adorable and very well made!
It attaches with velcro. 

And you can really write in the luggage tag.

It comes with a cute little toothbrush. The bristles are plastic.

And it comes with a cute case for the toothbrush, BUT, it won't close when the toothbrush is in it!
This is a problem Our Generation needs to fix.

It also comes with this little floss container. It is cute but too small.  It doesn't open.

It has all the things a doll needs for her teeth. This toothpaste is very cute.

Here is a little shampoo bottle. I think it is a pretty good size because it works as a travel size bottle.

Can't forget the conditioner!

She will need sunscreen when she is by the pool. This bottle of sunscreen is another one of my favorites from this set.

 All of these items fit into the pink bag.

This travel neck pillow is also one of my favorite things in this set. It is a great size and so adorable.

I need one of these for myself.

See? It's a perfect fit, and it will make her trip much more comfy. :)

 This camera is really cute, and pretty realistic if you ask me.

It has the pretend zoom lens and the strap to hand around her neck.

Look, she's in Paris!

I think this camera is a very nice piece and something your doll will really need when she travels.

Also included is a doll sized world map and map of Europe.

 Here it is opened up. There is a world made on one side. 

And a map of Europe on the other side. I really like this map. It's a perfect size and is also very realistic. 

 Your doll will get hungry on the flight, so there is food in this set. Here is a tray of macaroni and cheese. It is pretty good for plastic food, but not as good as polymer clay food.

And this fork and spoon come in the set. They are cute, but kind of small. I like that they are clear because they look like those clear disposable ones.

Here it is in the doll's hand.

There is also this food tray which I really like, and this container of fruit with a lid, a little pink cup/mug, and 2 small containers of butter and jelly. 

This roll is actually really nice! It's almost as good as the polymer clay food. It looks tasty.

It comes with a package of cracks. And another one of my favorite things in this set is this package of gummy bears! It is the perfect size and they look like real gummy bears inside!

These are excellent!

This travel journal is thing for dolls to have to keep track of all their adventures.

You can really write inside!

The suitcase looks great next to the dolls. The rolling wheels and movable handle are great features too.


I really like this luggage set, and it is one of the best values for doll luggage. There are so many cute pieces in this set, and if you find it, I recommend you get it. You will love it!
 Bon Voyage!

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  1. Oh, thats os just so cute, and will definitely suit all your dolls and Grace when you get her! I hope you have fun playing with it! Xx Angie

    1. Thanks a lot. I am enjoying it!

    2. Thats great! When I went to Australias big banana yesterday I found a eraser banana that is a perfect fit for AG and Blythe dolls! ~ Angie

  2. Amazing review! I enjoyd reading it and looking at all the pictures! That set is sooo cute! Maybe I'll get it sometime! I love Izzy's hair and outfit! :)

    1. Isabelle says thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed the review!

  3. A girl and her dollsJanuary 15, 2015 at 7:11 AM

    WOW!! that is an awesome set!
    I like how you put the items next to the doll's hand to show the size. Isabelle is looking really great!! can you do a tutorial on how to do that hair?
    Awesome set!

    1. Yes I think I will do a tutorial soon, thanks!

  4. I have this set too and am really pleased with it.

  5. Wow! There's a lot more in there than I thought! Thanks!

    1. Yeah there are a lot of fun and good quality pieces in this set!

  6. Thanks for the review! I might have to get this. My favorite part is the luggage tag and the neck pillow.

    1. Yeah those are 2 of my favorite pieces too!

  7. I'll have to keep my out for this set again. It is much better than I thought. I think I passed on it because of the personalization on the passport and camera. But I really do like it.

    Also, that outfit is outstanding! The distressed white jeans with Isabelle's tee shirt and the jean jacket from Licorice's Best Friend outfit pair perfectly with the little blue shoes.LOVE it!

    Bon voyage!

    1. Yeah if you see it you should get it. Thank you for your compliment about the outfit!!

  8. Hello Amaya. I'm nominating you for You are awesome and so is your blog award!

  9. Such a great set! Also the little fruit cups, are actually little butter and jam/jelly containers. Notice the little cow, and a knife scraping up the butter? I am pretty sure, anyway.
    Ella xoxox

    1. Also , that is why they are so small. You get them at hotels. :)

    2. Okay, thanks! I fixed it. :D

    3. no youget them on airplanes. well, maybe ifthe hotel serves breakfast, but those ar kind of mor like syrup than butter or jam, also, resturants do ketchup in them.

  10. I have this set and really like it. My toothbrush holder does not close with the toothbrush in it either, sad.

  11. i ggot his set in January (target gift card for Christmas asd my dad used a tool to make the toothbrush holder close with the toothbrush inide. he chiseled out the ledge that wouldblock the bristles from going in. also, do you know how to get the out of the kitty luggage tag carrier so you can write on it? I see no opening. one llast thing, the gum is supposed to slide out, you aren't supposed to rip it open. it might on thepacka it came that way

  12. I put the luggage tag on the side handle so it doesn't get in the way. also, when I put the lid on the container of macaroni, it pops right off. does yours do this? its anotboarding pass, passport and I only have one doll, ag felicity and she looks nothing like reese. :( also, does the camera lens come off? I don't think imaybe im missing a secret button or something. iesnt hats annoying. ugh my keyboard doesn't work well...
    and o

  13. To kick off our Calpak luggage review we started with the aesthetics of the Silverlake suitcase. A shiny, contemporary design with sleek and compact styling, all sprinkled with a smooth and slick surface calpak luggage review

  14. To kick off our Calpak luggage review we started with the aesthetics of the Silverlake suitcase. A shiny, contemporary design with sleek and compact styling, all sprinkled with a smooth and slick surface calpak luggage review