Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Doll: Make a Spa Gift Basket

Hi, everyone! Today I am going to show you a fun idea to give your doll or your friend's doll for Christmas. It's a little bit crafty, but mostly just doll finds. Let's get started!

Here is the basket wrapped in cellophane.

Here is everything.

I think it's so cute, and a great gift idea even for your friend, teacher, or mom!  You can find small baskets or containers at the craft store, dollar store, or Target dollar section. I am using a little tub.

The first item is this travel lotion. You can get these anywhere. The most common place is a hotel! 

Next I have a doll perfume which was actually an old perfume that I found lying around the house. 

Next is this bath brush, which is really a face exfoliator. You can find these at the dollar store in many colors. 

 Next, I have an adorable doll loofah! I took a net that some apples came in, cut a small piece and folded it to look fluffy like a loofah, and took a white hair tie to secure it. It's so easy to make, and looks really realistic! 

Here is the doll candle. You can find these at yard sales for cheap, Bath and Body Works, and pretty much everywhere. You can also use a type of tea light. 

Need doll soap? Use a cute shaped bath-bomb!

 You can find these bath bombs anywhere, Target, Bath and Body Works, and so many other places. You can also get large packs of these online.

Now, you gotta have those slippers. Even if it's socks, we all need something to keep our feet warm this cold winter! 

Next, is an adorable doll pumice stone! I think this is so cute, and it looks just like mine!

All you need to do it take a piece of clay, (I used a pastel-like blue) and roll it into a ball then make an oval shape like above. For the little holes, you can use anything with a small rounded tip. Poke it 2,234 times. lol 

Then bake, and you have a cute doll pumice stone! :) 

Now for the eye-mask! I just took a piece of fabric, cut it to fit around my doll's eyes, and glued elastic on. 

Sarah wanted to take a selfie of herself with this mask on. Lol! :) 

I wrapped the eye-mask in this cute heart bag to look like it came in some brand-new packaging. 

Now, I just used some towels to finish up the spa basket. Man, I would LOVE to get this spa basket as a gift! :)

 Sarah enjoyed putting this basket together!

I think Rebecca would like this.............:)

For more fun spa ideas, check out this post and this one.


  1. Every dollie will want one of these! SO cool!

  2. That is so cute! I think I will be making my dolls a eye mask now... :D
    Leah <3

  3. This is so cute! Thanks, Amaya!

    Allie D.

  4. asdfghjkl :) *freaks out* amazingness in a gift basket! Love this idea :D

  5. That is such an adorable basket! I love all the things you put in it! :)

  6. Love it but you should have a nail file in it

    1. Thanks!
      I have a post for a doll nail file you can find the my crafts page to add it to the basket!

  7. Less than 30 days to vote!

  8. I love it!That is so cute!

  9. Cute, but will not make this cause I am already spoiling my dolls!!!!

  10. Absolutely adorable. Perfect in doll size and as a tutorial for putting together a human sized one too. :)

  11. I thought this post is about halloween.. LOL.. This is nice though.