The Picky Customers

 Hey everyone! Today, at Saige's Diner, she had some picky customers, Let's take a look!
 Sarah: "Mmm, it looks good!"
Summer: "Yeah, it sure does."

Sarah: "This pizza is a little too cold."

 Summer: "My green beans are cold!"

Sarah: "Mam!"
Saige: "Coming!"

 Sarah: "Ahem, my food is cold."
Saige: "Your food is cold?" 
Sarah: "Yeah. And I don't like cold pizza. Some people do, but if you ask me,
I prefer warm cheesy pizza. Not cold cheesy pizza!"
Saige: "Oh, I'm so sorry! Let me fix that for you."

 Summer: "She is pretty nice to do that for you Sarah. You should thank her and not be so mean."
Sarah: "I'm not mean, I was just telling her that I don't like cold pizza!"

 Saige: "Here is your warm cheesy pizza!"
Sarah: "Thanks.....oh! And also, can I have a refill on my smoothie?"

 Saige: "One strawberry smoothie for you!"
Sarah: " doesn't look as creamy as the last one."

 Saige: "Look, if you don't like your smoothie, I'll just give you free dessert.
(I'm so tired!" *sighs*)...Saige thought.

Summer: "Oh..Mam? Um, before you leave, I just wanted to say that my green beans are cold too."
Saige: Oh! I'm so sorry, I really am, I just.. don't know why this is happening!" 
Summer: "It's okay, I just wanted it heated up, I don't want you to feel rushed!"
Saige: "Ok, I'll be right back with your food!"

 Sarah and Summer: "Oh, actually, never mind. We'll just have dessert."

 Saige: Oh, okay. What would you like ma'm?"
Summer: "I'll take a small cheesecake please." 

Saige: Okay..what about you ma'm?
Sarah: "Um, can you read the whole list please?"
Saige: (Oh brother!)
"Uh, sure...we have chocolate eclairs, strawberry eclairs, strawberry filled donuts with sugar topping, donut with strawberry frosting, yellow cupcakes with chocolate frosting, chocolate cupcake with chocolate frosting, yellow cupcakes with strawberry frosting, 
Sarah: "Wait, what was the third one again?"

20 minutes later....
Saige: "Here are your desserts, I hope you enjoy every bite!'
Summer: "Thanks! Looks great."

 Sarah: "This is really good, but I really meant the fourth dessert she said, not the third one.

 Sarah: "Ahem! Miss? This is not the one I wanted!"
Summer: *quietly* Sarah! Don't be so annoying!"

 Saige: "Ugh! Aren't they happy with anything?
"At least they are leaving soon."

 Finally they're gone. Whew!

"What a mess. And I thought that brunette was the nice one."

(Pizza and Mac & Cheese are from AGcessories)

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  1. LOL! Loved this post, Amaya! Keep it up :)

  2. Ha! I loved this photo story! Nice work. :D
    Leah <3

  3. Wow, how did you make the restaurant? I would like to learn how!

    And this is very funny XD

    1. The details are here:

      Thanks! :)

  4. Amaya, where did you get the doll Pepsi??

    1. The Pepsi is lip gloss from Walmart or Claires. :)

    2. I am buying some then!LOL

  5. Hi Amaya! I love the dinner, it's so cool and creative! :)

    By the way, could you maybe check out my blog and maybe follow? Just click on my name to see it :)

  6. Poor Saige, they didn't leave her a tip either!

  7. Cute photo story! The pizza and mac and cheese are amazing, it looks so real!

  8. Hey Amaya! I nominated you for an award!

    Leah <3

  9. Great post. I rarely send anything back and try very hard to be pleasant. If I'm unhappy with the service, I leave a smaller tip. But always give the server the benefit of a doubt if the restaurant is busy.

  10. This is sooo adorable! I love all the little details! Haha! Poor Saige! ;)

  11. wheres the mop from?