Review with Magooses Muse Designs

I have discovered an awesome etsy shop called Magooses Muse Designs. Ericka designs a variety of unique clothes and accessories for dolls, and I am so happy to be sharing one of those outfits with you today!

This outfit looks gorgeous on Isabelle if I say so myself. :)

Ericka sent this 3 piece outfit for me to review which includes the white jeans, the royal blue tank top, and white lace cropped top.

The tank top is a deep royal blue and feels really nice, not too thin.
The lace is amazing! I love the detail.

See what I mean? Isn't it pretty? This piece is great for layering over other tops too. Any color tank and pants/bottoms would look great.

You will be amazed. :)

Next is this blue tank top. I love the color combination of royal blue with white, so pretty!

I would totally wear this myself.

Everything is a perfect fit.

Both tops velcro in the back making it super easy to get on and off.

And finally, these white jeans. White jeans are so cool, and these even have some "tears" on them like worn jeans or like some you would find in the store brand new. This is a cool detail that really makes them look like they could be from the department store!

Again, the detail is amazing. They have real pockets, and are just so adorable!
The stitching is awesome.

Each piece is perfect! It is made to last.

So here is the whole outfit on Isabelle. The colors and details are amazing!

This is a really great outfit as it is, and it is also really great for mixing and matching. It is very unique, and beautiful.

Isabelle is just hanging out. :)

I totally recommend this shop, because the items I was sent are super quality and super cute too! And right now, I saw that there is a special promotion going on, so you definitely want to check out MagoosesMuseDesigns today.

 Thank you, Ericka, for allowing me to review this amazing outfit!

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  1. Ooh, that outfit is really cute :) I love it

  2. That outfit is so cute! I love the jeans! :)

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  4. That outfit is so adorable! I looked at her shop and she has lots of cute stuff and the prices are reasonable.

  5. Adorable outfit :) I especially love the color of this shirt and the jeans.

  6. Wow I love the lace shirt over the tank top! The royal blue looks amazing on Isabelle.