Review: Our Generation Anywhere You Cruise Bicycle

Hi, doll fans! Today Sarah and I thought we'd do a review of the Our Generation bicycle. You can compare it to Samantha's new bike because I think they are pretty similar. This one is $50 compared to Samantha's bike which is $115. But you might be able to find this one on sale like my mom did.

Here you can see the bike next to Sarah.

Starting with the "training wheels," they are silver and white. These training wheels are so your doll doesn't fall over. This part is plastic, but most of the bike is metal which makes it look really realistic.

Inside the wheels is this cute star decoration.

I think it's bright and cute. I don't mind that the bike is pink. And the chain and all the parts are very realistic.

Here is the logo on the side and the casing for the pedals.

The pedal--it looks just like a real pedal, and the strap helps hold the doll's foot in.

Here is the seat. It isn't cushy like a real seat, but Sarah said she was ok riding it. lol

The cute license plate, I like this detail.

The handle bars really have these streamer ribbons hanging down just like a real bike. Too cute!

The bike has nice handles and a pretty bell.

The handles also have a strip to hold your doll's hand in.

This bell really dings! I love this detail also!

And the basket is spacious and has some colorful flowers on it. It is plastic made to look weaved.

So let's see if Sarah's stuff will fit inside the basket.

Yes, she has room for her bag and her thermos and there is still room left.

So she put her binder in too. It's a little too tall, but you can see that the basket has lots of room.

Sarah is ready to go! She fits on it perfectly with her hands fitting into the handles and her feet in the pedals.

She is secure and doesn't fall off.

She rode around and didn't fall out.

Overall, I really recommend this bike for your doll! It is made very well, it doesn't look cheap. And I think it really compares to American Girl on quality.

Sarah is off! I hope you enjoyed this review!

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  1. can you do a giveaway with Buzzin bea? (she's on Etsy) I love her clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    1. Yes her shop is really cute I agree. :)

  2. Cute! It is cool that the bike bell really rings. I might get it myself. :)

  3. That is really cute! I may get it. :)
    AG Chick

  4. Hey! That's my bike! Only mine has groovy 70s stickers on it (to cover up all OG logos).

    1. That is a good idea to put stickers on it. You could do that to the license plate too which maybe you did.

  5. I definitely want to get this, it is so cute and seems to be very well made. I like the OG scooter too, debating on which one to get first.

    1. Yes it is very well made. I really recommend getting it.

  6. Very nice! Especially compared to the AG price, I'd say this is great! Also, I just noticed Sarah has freckles. Hmm.... she's really cute though :)

    1. Yes she does. Hehe.... I think it is a lot better price than AG.

  7. Do all the wheels turn? so that you could hold onto the handlebars and pull your doll around?

  8. Wow! It looks like its great quality! It is super cute too! I love every little detail! I'll have to keep my eye out for one of those! :)

  9. I LOOOOOOVE this bike! The only thing I have a question about is...... where did you GET it?! LOL :)