Natalie's Dollhouse

A lovely reader named Natalie sent in these photos of her dollhouse for me to share with you all.

Natalie wanted to point out the following:

(1) I made this dollhouse with things I already had, so I didn't spend a huge amount of money on it!

(2) Everything in it has taken me a long time to collect (about five years!)

(3) In Molly and Kit's room I made all the furniture, and in Charlotte and JJ's bedroom (purple room) I made the closet!
(4) The walls are colored tri-fold boards, and the flooring I made from contact paper on cardboard

(5) The second floor sets on a long board my dad had in his garage.

(6) The outside door I made, and the leaves is just scrapbook paper.

So let's take a look at it!

It's so creative, and it has six rooms!

Wow, Natalie made all the furniture in Molly and Kit's room? Awesome!

I would love to know how she made it. :)

Even Kit's desk! And I like all the little accessories she has!

So cute. I like the side table and all the little items in this room.

This room looks so cozy with a bookshelf and everything.

I have been wanting a washer and dryer for my dolls! I really like this room.

I like that table and chairs set, and the little leaf and basket on top look perfect!

And she even has a front door with some fall decorations and a mail box. I really like all the details, and I am really inspired. Thanks for sending in these photos, Natalie. I really enjoyed seeing all of your creative ideas.
If you have photos of your doll house/room that you would like me to share, you can email them to me at amayapaes at gmail dot com.

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  1. Great dollhouse! I love it :)

  2. *From Julie's doll mom:*

    That's a great dollhouse! And I love the furniture Natalie made. I love project display boards. I use them myself for Julie's room and my dolls' school. Nice job!

  3. I really like all the doll rooms, the furniture is really cute and all the accessories are cool!

  4. What a cozy dollhouse! I absolutely love Kit's bed! Well done!

  5. Terrific! So many great details. I love the fireplace in the living room, but it's all really nice.

  6. This is fantastic!! I'd love to know a little more about how she keeps the second floor from falling over. Are the first-floor walls just project boards? I didn't think cardboard would hold that much weight, but I'd really love to know because this is the kind of "house" I'd like to make with my daughter and her dolls.

    I love all the homemade touches. She has a great eye for copying things like the design of Kit's bed. I had to really look to see that it wasn't the "real thing"!

  7. Wow! That dollhouse is amazing! The rooms are so cute! She is really creative! Kit and Molly's beds look like the real thing! She did an awesome job!!! :)

  8. WOWZA! How old is this DIYer? She has some really cute stuff in those rooms. My Grand daughter is 8 and we are starting to make things for her AG dolls. Some things we will have to buy but we will be able to save a lot of money making items similar to what Miss Natalie has made. Thanks so much for featuring her doll house!

  9. Great job, Natalie! Such a great doll house! Love the fireplace.

  10. Wow! I really want to make a doll house but my room isn't big enough!!