Doll Sized Find: Yard Rake

Hello everyone! Well it's officially fall, and that means it will be time to rake the leaves soon. And guess what I found at Menards? A doll sized rake!

They had all different colors like green, blue, red, purple, and yellow.

Ok, it's not really a doll rake. It's a back scratcher, and the handle extends.
But I thought it was the perfect doll sized rake! I didn't buy it because it was $4.00. But if they go on clearance when I go back, maybe I will get one. I could actually use it for back scratching too. lol

Have you found any cool doll finds lately?

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  1. It's cool how you always see how things can be used for your dolls. I love this rake, I think I will have to get one.

  2. That's so cute!!! I didn't even think it was a back scratcher. xD
    As for finds, I found mini orange and black spoons/forks at a local store for 99 cents. =D

  3. hahah - "I could actually use it for back scratching too. lol" XD

  4. I would've never guessed that it was a back scratcher! Great find. :)
    AG Chick

  5. hi!
    such a cute find!!
    would you like to swap blog buttons? I love your blog and thought it would be cool.
    if you want to check out my blog, here it is:
    Ella xxoo

    1. Hi,

      Thanks! Sure! I'd love to swap buttons! I'll put yours on A.S.A.P! :)

    2. Cool! I will put yours up now. :)

  6. Super cute! Never would have guessed it was a back scratcher! Could you maybe do some doll school crafts and maybe some doll furniture? That would be so cool!

  7. Amaya, they sell those "rakes" at Bed Bath and Beyond, too. i'm not sure if they are cheaper or not, but it's worth a try! I hope my tip was helpful! By the way, I have two of those, and I never noticed how they look like doll-sized rakes! Thanks for posting such cute ideas!

  8. That's sooooo awesome! I'm definitely going to check into buying one! :)

  9. lol it looks more like a rake than back scratcher! and ya, menards is kinda expensive it used to be better:( still a great find!

  10. I have found a doll find! At the fair a booth handed out those mini bibles and I picked one up for my doll!