A Colorful Review with Magooses Muse Designs

If you are looking for some pretty new fashions for your doll, Magooses Muse Designs is the place to go. Ericka generously sent me this bright and colorful outfit to review for you all. So let's take a look!

June is the lucky model today. :)

This outfit is perfect. It's casual and comfy but still super pretty!

These pants are awesome! I love the stitching and the beige fabric looks and feels very nice! They can be formal or casual.

See the cool fabric? It has this weave/texture that I think looks really nice!

June enjoyed taking a stroll in these pants, and said that the fabric lets her move easily!

This outfit is sure to last a long time. The top is a very nice fabric that is not too thin, but still cool and soft.

I just love the colors! And I think the pattern looks great on the dolls!

Here is a closer look at the top. The fabric is so vibrant.

It features elastic around the neck which I think looks so pretty!

June says it fits great and she loves it!

I am very impressed with the creativity and quality of Ericka's work. Her shop definitely has a lot of unique items to offer.

Here is a shot from the back. The pants look great, and the top has no need for velcro in the back because of the elastic neck--you just slip it over the doll's head.

I am very happy to recommend MagoosesMuseDesigns. This is another amazing outfit from this shop, and I know you will not be disappointed in any of the items you find there!

Every item I have received from MagoosesMuseDesigns is excellent! You should definitely check it out because I know you will find something you like!

 Thank you, Ericka, for allowing me to review this adorable outfit!

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  1. I love this outfit, it is so cute and June looks great in it! I also love the photos, you do a really great job!

  2. It is so pretty! Maybe add a belt and it would add the finishing touch. :)
    AG Chick

  3. That outfit is so pretty! I love the shirt! You are amazing at photography! The pictures are beautiful!!! :)