Spice It Up Series: Easy Craft-Make a Doll Locker Mirror

Hey everyone! June and I are going to show you how to make a cute doll mirror for the spice it up series! This is a quick craft that I made using the leftover mirror paper from the vanity tray craft.

 You will need: Mirror paper, glue sticks and a glue gun, scissors, ribbon, and buttons.

 First, cut a small rectangle or square out of your mirror paper. 

 Now cut a piece of ribbon the same width as your mirror and glue it on. Cut three more pieces for the bottom and the sides. 

Glue the ribbon around the edges.

 Now I have all the ribbon glued on. 

 I chose to glue on buttons, but that is optional. 

 Now use some sticky tack to hang up the mirror! You can also add some cardboard to the back to keep it from curling in. 

 That's it!

June loves her mirror!

 I hope you enjoyed!

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