Doll and Pet Photo Contest Entries

There were so many great entries for the photo contest to win the Our Generation tote set. Now it is time to see all of them! Please note: If you sent in more than one, I only used one photo per person.

From Crystal M.

From Lilly M.

From Charlotte: Her doll Hazel and pets Alfred, Albert, and Ernie
are relaxing in the New Zealand Winter sun.

From Meghan P.

From Kaitlyn

From Megan

From Olivia

From Abbigale

From Eva Saige is feeding the two dogs,Jewel and Chocolate Mckaylas Breakfast!(Mckayla is not in the pic)
Ali and Stacey are a mad at Saige! Saige loves the dogs so much she can`t bear them moan for waffles and eggs!But they all forgive Saige.

From Sophie TOur Götz doll Tess went out for a walk with her new puppy and  they enjoyed some cuddly time together! And Sophie made the sweater dress using a Debonair Designs knitting pattern.

From TashaHere are some of my girls: Jasmina (Josefina), Lindy Hope, Cecilia (Cecile), and Cali (Kailey) . They are roasting s'mores and singing songs around a camp fire. Their pets Toasty and Coconut are hanging out too, hoping to get a sweet treat!

From AGAnnie M

From Eunice

From Linda: Saige is trying to teach Honey to do the Hula dance.

From Julia: Meatloaf is so supportive of Kaya's ballet! In the cutest ways!

From Leah

From Maysen

From Leela Loo

From Isabella S.

From Gabrielle S.

From Rosalind

From Kara

From Anonymous A: Molly and her dog Tutu

From KristinaHere is a picture of Caroline and her cat Inkpot picking flowers for Caroline's mother.

From LorenTracy (Doll) was rolling down a hill when her dog, Chocolate Chip, ran over and licked her face!

From Kylie G.

Wow, I loved seeing all of the photos of your dolls with their pets! Thanks a lot for sending them in and for entering the contest! Tomorrow I will reveal the winner!

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  1. I forgot to tell you but my name is Julia, not David M

  2. Cool! I was going to enter, but I didn't get around to it. :( These are cute entries! :)

  3. My favorite one is the 5th picture from Kaitlyn. :) Great photography. Great pictures everyone!

  4. Great photos of dolls with their pets!

  5. I LOVE Julia's pic, I don't know why I just do!