Mini Giveaway: Caption This Doll Photo Contest

 Hey everyone! Today, I have a fun giveaway/Capture That Photo contest for you! Look at the photos, then at the end of the post you will find the rules and what the prize is for the winner of this contest.

What You Will Win:
The mini McDonald's Set for School Isabelle Doll!
NOTE: This is the one my doll has........

This is the one you could win.
How To Enter: Comment down below what you think my dolls are saying/doing in the first two photos.  You have until July 8th to enter. I will pick my favorite caption and will post the winner of the mini Isabelle doll toy. Have fun! Note: I can only ship to U.S. and Canada.

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  1. 1st photo. "Hey June, how did you get up here?" 2nd photo "I just used the ladderrrrrrrrrr? Where did it go!?"

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  3. Also I thought another one....
    First photo June:"It took so long to climb up here"Sarah:Yeah I know"June sits down."I need a rest"
    Second photo:June stands up."Ummmmm Sarah how do we get-get down!?!?!"

  4. 1. Hey June! I dare you to climb up the patio/deck!
    2. AAAHHHH!!! I'm up so high! (Later) *To Sarah* It wasn't scary at all! I dare you to go up! *Sarah* Um.. okay.

  5. 1-(Sarah says) June, if we are going to spend the night up here we need some food. Go get some.
    2- (June Says) Umm...Down there??


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  7. First photo: "Now you know what you must do, don't you?
    Second photo: — Hi! I'm your next door neighbour. Would you like to join us for the picnic. We have loads of food and you look so lonely!"

  8. (First Photo) Sarah: "June, where did you put my phone?"
    June: "I told Coconut to watch it."
    Sarah: "And where is Coconut?"
    (Second Photo) June: "Down there........."

  9. On second thoughts the dialogue could be as follows:
    First photo: " You can do it, June. Go on, you only have to smile and be polite.
    Second photo: — I'm sorry Sarah I can't see our ball but I'd better get down fast there's a big dog coming and it doesn't look friendly at all!

  10. 1st photo: " Hey ju - ewwwwwww! What is that smell?!" Sarah said as she came running up to June.
    "Uhhhhh . . . I don't know!" June laughs suspiciously and glances down at her feet.
    2nd photo: " Well, I think I need a bathroom break, Sarah! June says, quickly getting up. And maybe I'll wash my feet too :} June thinks to herself .
    Hmmmm, Sara thinks, that smell is gone now! Weird.

  11. 1st photo "Phew, we finally made it up here" "Come on June, don't sit down, can't we explore a bit?" "No thank you, we might find something awful" "Just a teeny bit? Pweeez?" "You know I can't resist your puppy eyes" 2nd photo "Told you we'd find something awful, there's no ladder!"

  12. 1: "Will you help me get up?" June said to Sarah. "Sure!" Sarah said.
    2:"Now how do we get down?" June said.

  13. 1. I can hardly wait to help Mom build the new playset.
    2. Because this looks like the perfect place for the slide.


  14. hey june. hey sarah whats up. nothing really. hey sarah do you want to go play tag. ya 2.WHAT theres no later or slide

  15. 1 photo. Sarah: "Come on June!!! We've got to explore the world and the only way we can do that is by sky diving!!!"
    June: "Uh.... Sarah, I think there are other ways to explore the world... That doesn't seem very safe!!"
    Sarah: "Oh, we'll be fine. See, I'll show you." (Sarah runs and jumps off the deck.)
    2 photo: June: " Ahhhhh..... Sarah!!!! Are you OK???????
    Sarah: "Yeah, I'm OK, but if you don't mind I'll just stay down here for awhile and bask in my own foolishness..."

  16. (1st photo)Sarah "Hey June!"
    (1st photo)June"Yeah Sarah?"
    (2nd photo)Sarah walks over to edge "Look how high up we are! It's like 'A whole new world!' (Sarah sings the song from Disney's Aladdin :)
    In the background of 2nd photo)June"Uh yeah!"
    (1st photo)Sarah"Anyways, lets play pirates!"
    (1st photo)June"Okay, Argh Matey! Lets get out 'o' this tall palm tree before sunset!"

  17. First picture: Sarah: Okay, you can look now!
    Second Picture:June: Finally, I wonder where I am! *June looks* AGGH! Sar-ah! I thought I told you that I am afraid of heights!
    Sarah:Uh, oops. I thought you said you were afraid of hikes.

    ~Christian Homeschooler

  18. I'm not allowed to enter the giveaway, but here are my ideas:
    Photo 1: June- Aaaw, Sarah. This playset was going to be a surprise!
    Photo 2: Sarah- So is this where there was going to be the slide? By the way the ladder fell off after I climbed up... hope that's not a problem.