McKenna Goes Shopping

Hey there! Today, McKenna did a little shopping! Let's take a look!


 Saige: "Hello! Welcome to La Femme! We are having a 50 % off sale today on shoes! Want to take a look?

 McKenna: Sure!

 McKenna: These are really pretty! 

 McKenna: WOAH! 70 bucks? For a purse?

 Saige: Are you ready to check out?
McKenna: Yep! Can I take a look at these perfumes first?
Saige: Sure! Our featured perfume of the one on the left, in the translucent bottle. 
McKenna: Ooooh! 

 McKenna: I think I will get this one because it smells very nice! 
Saige: Great choice! 

Do you like to shop?

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  1. Great photo story! I love to shop!

  2. Yes! I love to shop!! I also like how you changed the style of your writing. ;)

  3. Love this!
    Is that a napkin caddy being used as the shopping basket?

  4. like your new touches to your site!!!!

    1. Thanks, I think I changed it again. lol

  5. Hey Amaya! It's me Nelly. So cute and really like this. Might do it with my dolls :)