Craft: Doll Picnic Basket and Sandwich

Hey everyone! Tomorrow is 4th of July, and I have a last minute craft for you in case you want to make your dolls a picnic to celebrate.

A picnic basket for dolls with some tasty food just in time for 4th of July!

For the basket you will need: A basket with a hinged lid, some red and white checkered fabric or napkin, some ribbon or chord to match your basket, brads (not pictured)
For the sandwich you will need: beige, orange, yellow, white, green craft foam (whatever colors you want for your sandwich) glue, and scissors.

This basket is perfect because it has a lid the closes and it even latches. It's about 6" wide.

Cut your brown ribbon or chord about 10 to 12" long. Just see how it looks/how long you want it, then cut it.

Now with a needle first, make a hole where you want your handle to go. Then make it a little bigger with some scissors. Ask your parents for help.

Poke your brad through the ribbon and then the hole. Then open the prongs of the brads like you see in the photo.

Here is how it looks.

Now my picnic basket has a handle!

Take some checkered fabric to put inside to really look like a summer picnic. That's it!

But wait, there's  If you don't have food to put in the basket, just take some beige craft foam and cut 2 pieces into the shape off bread about 2" x 2". Then poke a bunch of holes in it to look like bread.

Using a brown marker or paint, color the edges to look like crust. I used oil pastels. It hasn't stained my dolls, but I can't guarantee that on my blog. :)

Now put glue on the side of bread that doesn't have the holes.

And on put other colors of craft foam, gluing each layer, then glue on the other slice of bread.

Then you have your doll sandwich!

Add some fruit (mine is just tiny grapes) and chips using yellow tissue paper cut into ovals, and your dolls are ready to go!

It's all packed up and ready for my dolls to have their picnic.

" I want chips or grapes first."

Summer loves grapes.

And she's nice enough to share.

Sarah loves potato chips.

But she shared too.

I hope you enjoyed! Happy 4th of July!

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  1. I LOVE THE SANDWICH! lol love the idea, and happy 4th of July!

  2. Cute! Does anyone love the sandwich but they still share it? lol

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  4. I absolutely love it! Great craft!

  5. SO adorable XD

  6. OMG thats so cute. I have a blog if you wanna see

  7. OH CUTE!
    Isn't that Saige and not Sarah?

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