Back to School Craft: Make a Glitter Pencil and Eraser

Hey there! It is almost back to school time, in just a few weeks. Last year I did a back to school craft series, and today I have another school craft for you to make for your doll. It is actually 2 mini crafts, and your dolls will definitely need this cute set! So let's get started!

This is the pencil and eraser we will make today!

For everything you see in the photo above, you will need: a bamboo skewer, paint (1 color for pencil, 1 color for eraser), silver paint pen or silver tape, pixie dust glitter, pink polymer clay or pink eraser clay, a knife or something to cut the skewer, sand paper or nail file, needle tin, mod podge.

I was inspired by this glitter pencil I have. Cut your skewer to 1/3 the size of your real pencil. If you score it all around, it will break off easily.

Then sand it smooth with a nail file or sand paper.

All smooth. It's almost a pencil already! lol

I am using a magenta paint today.

I added a drop of water to it so it looks smoother on the pencil.

Once you paint your pencil (don't paint the tip or the eraser part), while it's still wet, sprinkle your fairy glitter all over. Shake off the excess, sprinkle again, and shake off one more time. Let it dry.

Once it's dry, you can paint on a strip with silver paint, or use silver tape.
It's just a tiny piece of tape. Trim off the excess.

You should mod podge the glittery part to seal in the glitter so it won't fall off.
This can be done before you put the tape on, but I did it out of order.

It looks white but it will dry clear.

I put some ridges in the silver part.

And don't forget to draw on the tip with a pen.

Now for the eraser, just take some pink polymer clay or eraser clay and shape it into a tiny eraser about 3/4 " long. Then bake it according to the instructions.

That's it! Here is my pencil and eraser.
They go great in the pencil box that I told you about in yesterday's post, don't you think?

Now your doll is all set for back to school! I hope you enjoyed!

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