Ask Funwithagan! ***CLOSED***

Hey there everyone! I did say that I would do an "Ask Funwithagfan" In my most recent updates post. So.... what are we waiting for?! Go ahead and ask me in the comments below. You can ask 5 or less questions. You can also email me your questions if you prefer that instead. Remember, don't ask anything too personal.

Ask Funwithagfan! Your questions, answered.

Go ahead and start asking! When I have enough questions, I will post the answers!


  1. When did you start collecting AG Dolls?


  2. What inspired you to start blogging?
    Do you like Rainbow Loom?
    What's your favorite song?

  3. Hey there!
    What's your fave movie?
    Do you have any other 18" dolls?
    Will you post Summer's morning routine soon?
    Do you play Animal Jam?
    Can you do a post about one of your dolls getting in trouble for doing something funny?

  4. Hey, Missie aka Anna Wright, be nice.

  5. What camera do you use?
    Which doll do you want next?
    Would you ever start a personal blog?
    Which doll is your mini-me?
    Do you have a doll Instagram?
    Would you ever have a AGP meetup?

  6. Do you think that other 18" doll are knockoffs or replicas? Do you like Harry Potter? What item/items would you buy from Ag if you had 41,000 dollars?

  7. Do you have any littlest pet shops?
    What inspired you to make an AG blog?
    How many followers do you have?
    How many followers are you hoping to have?
    When did you first learn about AG?

  8. What type of music is you favorite? :P

  9. How old are you?
    What state do you live in?
    What doll do you want next?
    What's your fave animal?

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  11. If your house was on fire and all your family was safe and you could only get one thing what would you save?

  12. Do you make money for your blog,if no do you want to start a business?

  13. do you like anime?
    do you prefer hamburgers or hot dogs?
    Have you been to new York?
    Of all the GOTY which is your fav?
    do you like watching Duck dynasty?

  14. What inspires you to make a DIY?
    Is everyone in your family as crafty as you?
    Of the new AG release sets which do you think you will make yourself?

  15. Will you do more giveaways!?
    Will you make more youtube videos?
    How old are you?
    What is your time zone?
    What are your other hobbies other than ag dolls?
    Do you have any pets?
    What is your fav show and movie?
    What is your favorite colors?
    When do you go back to school?
    Will you ever grow out of ag dolls?

  16. do you like the movie frozen ?
    do have a lalaloopsy or a lalaloopsy mini ?
    do you have a monster high doll ?
    IF you out grow ag doll's will you sell them keep them in the attic or save them for you'r kid/kid's ?
    and last of all how old are you'r doll's ?

  17. Do you like curly or straight American girl hair better?
    Who helps you with your blog?
    What is your biggest tip to doll bloggers just starting out?

  18. What is your favorite part about doll blogging?

  19. How old are you?
    What are your favourite tips on how to save up for things you want, such as an AG doll?
    Any doll care tips?
    What should you do if people tease you about still playing with dolls because you're supposed to be "too old for them"?

    Q&A is a great idea! I may do one on my blog sometime.