Ask Funwithagan Answers!

Hey there y'all! Remember the Ask FunwithAGFan post?
Well, I got a bunch of questions, and I wanted to say,
I hope you learn a little more about me today. lol
So here we go!
Ask Funwithagfan! Your questions, answered!

From PottercatxD:
When did you start collecting AG Dolls?
Me: When I was seven!

From Eunice:
What inspired you to start blogging?
Me: I love AG dolls and I wanted to have a blog all about them. :)
Do you like Rainbow Loom?
Me: I LOVE it!
What's your favorite song?
Me: Probably right now... La Da Dee by Cody Simpson.

From Anonymous:
What's your fave movie?
I like the BBC North and South, the Lego Movie, and Jane Eyre.
Do you have any other 18" dolls?
Me: No
Will you post Summer's morning routine soon?
Me: Yes, it's here: Summer's Morning Routine
Do you play Animal Jam?
Me: No
Can you do a post about one of your dolls getting in trouble for doing something funny?
Me: I may consider that!

From Leah:
What camera do you use?
Me: Usually my mom's phone, the Samsung Note 3. Sometimes I use the Nikon, but I'm not very good at it yet.
Which doll do you want next?
Me: The new JLY #61!
Would you ever start a personal blog?
Me: Probably not. :)
Which doll is your mini-me?
Me: Probably Saige!
Do you have a doll Instagram?
Me: Nope! :)
Would you ever have a AGP meetup?
Me: I'm actually talking about that to my parents if I can host one!

From Dollygal4u:
Do you think that other 18" doll are knockoffs or replicas?
Me: Well maybe some of them are.
Do you like Harry Potter?
Me: No :)
What item/items would you buy from AG if you had 41,000 dollars?
Me: A bunch of dolls and furniture!

From Anonymous:
Do you have any littlest pet shops?
Me: No
How many followers do you have?
Me: I currently have 149 followers on GFC, 28 on blogloving, and 54 followers by email.
How many followers are you hoping to have?
Me: I don't know, 1000 to start with? lol
When did you first learn about AG?
Me: From my best friend!

From Autumn Raelin:
What type of music is your favorite? 
Me: I have no clue. I listen to lots of different music, and I like music that is happy and peppy.

From Eva Earnshaw:
How old are you?
I'm a tween. lol
What state do you live in?
I live in Wisconsin.
What doll do you want next?
The new JLY #61
What's your fave animal?
Me: Probably Zebras and Kittens!
Do you make money for your blog? If not, do you want to start a business?
Me: No, I don't make money. I would like to start a business though!

From Anonymous:
If your house was on fire and all your family was safe and you could only get one thing what would you save?
Me: Hmm.. I don't like to think about fires but, if I could get only one thing, I would probably grab a doll or my tablet because it has a Bible, and almost everything I need!

From Addy and Emma:
Do you like anime? Me: No :)
Do you prefer hamburgers or hot dogs! 
Me: I prefer hamburgers only if they have cheese!
Have you been to New York?
Me: No, I want to go soon though!
Of all the GOTY, which is your favorite?
Me: Probably Lanie or Kanani!
Do you like watching Duck Dynasty?
Me: Not too much

From Melody Silverleaf:
What inspires you to make a DIY?
Me: Pretty much everything around me!
Is everyone in your family as crafty as you?
Me: Pretty much!
Of the new AG release sets which do you think you will make yourself?
Me: Maybe the new Beach chair set!

Gabrielle Nelson:
Will you do more giveaways?
 Me: Yes!
How old are you?
Me: Sorry, I don't like to say my age.
Will you make any more Youtube videos?
Me: Yes
What is your time zone?
What are your other hobbies other than ag dolls?
Me: I like decorating, painting nails, Rainbow Loom, Minecraft, skating, all kinds of crafts
Do you have any pets?
Me: No :(
What is your fav show and movie?
I like the Lego Movie, North and South, Jane Eyre, and for shows, I like When Calls the Heart, Chopped, Unwrapped, and all the stuff on HGTV.
What is your favorite colors?
Purple and Turquoise
When do you go back to school?
August 25th.
Will you ever grow out of ag dolls?

From Anonymous:
Do you like the movie frozen?
Me: Yes!
Do have a lalaloopsy or a lalaloopsy mini?
Me: No
Do you have a monster high doll?
Me: No
IF you out grow ag doll's will you sell them, keep them in the attic, or save them for you'r kid/kid's?
Me: I won't outgrow them, but if I did, I would probably give them to my kids.
And last of all, how old are your doll's?
Me: They are all ages 10-12

From Allison Ballenger:
Do you like curly or straight American girl hair better?
Me: Curly
Who helps you with your blog?
Me: Nobody really except my parents help me with the magazine covers.
What is your biggest tip to doll bloggers just starting out?
Me: I would say don't give up, and take a lot of photos!

From Doll Daydreams:
What is your favorite part about doll blogging?
Me: I really enjoy the photostories.

From Jessica:
How old are you?
Me: Sorry, It's a secret. :) 
What are your favourite tips on how to save up for things you want, such as an AG doll?
Me: Well, I use this website called MyJobChart and my mom sets up chores for me to do. When I do the chores, I get money and that's how I usually get my money to spend on doll stuff. :)
Any doll care tips?
Me: I don't really have any except for making sure you brush your dolls' hair to keep it nice and smooth. :)
What should you do if people tease you about still playing with dolls because you're supposed to be "too old for them"?
Me: I'd ignore them because they are my dolls and I really don't care what people think because they have their own opinions. :)

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading my answers! Thanks for all the questions!

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  1. Those are great answers! I am the first Anonymous you read. =D

  2. Wow! Really enjoyed getting to know you better :)

  3. Great answers, I learned a lot about you! :)

  4. Great answers! Thanks for answering my questions :)

  5. If you don't mind me asking, what area do you live in in Wisconsin? I live in Wisconsin, too. I was just wondering. You don't have to tell me the city you live in, I understand you want privacy! I was wondering if we might live in the same area. That would be cool!

    1. I live in the Southeast :)

    2. Like Milwaukee area? Or more central Wisconsin? I'm sorry if this too personal!

    3. I'm not that far from Milwaukee! :)
      Its okay :D

    4. I'm more central. :( Jk.:)

  6. Lots of great questions and answers.
    I'm looking forward to your version of the beach chair set. :-D

  7. So awesome, great to know ore about you. And my age is a secret too. My dolls our also 10-12 XD