Summer Fashion: Casual

Hi, readers! My dolls got together and modeled some of their favorite summer fashion.
These are outfits that my dolls feel comfortable in,
yet they are cute enough to go places and still look great!

First up is Sarah wearing an outfit from Vinniegirl,
and a pair of jelly shoes from ebay.
She says she loves the gauze bermuda shorts because they are super comfortable and
the white gauze is so summery! Also, she says she likes the tropical top with the big
buttons that are also tropical-ish. And who doesn't love jelly shoes? :)

Next we have June, who is wearing Ivy's rainbow romper from American Girl,
and the cute yellow tennis shoes are from ebay.
June says she absolutely loves this romper because of the colorful waist and because it is terry,
which keeps her extra dry in the hot sweaty weather. lol
Also she loves to wear rompers because it's sort of like overalls, shorts, and tank top all in one!

Here is Mckenna wearing a mix and match set. The adorable tunic and sandals are
from ZigZag Fashions, and the leggings are from the Licorice Play outfit from American Girl.
She says she LOVES this top because it is so soft, pretty, and fun with the cute strawberry design.
She also thinks the sandals are very stylish!

Up next is Summer, wearing the cutest overalls and heart tank top from 18Boutique,
and the shoes are from American Girl. Summer says she could live in these overalls all summer.
They are not only super comfortable, great for walking, hiking, and camping, hanging out with friends,
etc...etc...etc.... But they are also really stylish, not to mention, adorable!

And finally, we have Saige, who is all ready to go skating on a nice sunny day.
She is wearing a skirt and skates from American Girl, and the tank top is also from American Girl from another set. Saige really likes this colorful skirt and skates. The wheels are all different colors, and
the skirt has fun colors to match the skates. These skates are one of my favorite items from American Girl.

And that's all for today's summer casual style! I'd love it if you sent in photos of your dolls in their favorite summer outfits. If you send them, I will post them!

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  1. I'm loving the casual stuff! (I'm all about being casual:) Great post Amaya!

  2. Your dolls all look adorable in their cute outfits!

  3. Everyone looks awesome.
    We recently got Ivy's romper and it should make an appearance or two at camp this summer.

    1. Thanks. I can't wait to see your dolls wearing it. :)