Review with Exclusively Eclectic

Today I am very excited to review a beautiful outfit from etsy shop Exclusively EclecticI am so impressed with what Amber sent me to review, and I know you will want to check out her shop after seeing it!

I thought it looked great with Saige's hair!

Here is the outfit I was sent: floral tunic/tank top, fuschia skinny jeans, and a matching bracelet!

The top is so pretty, I love the tiny little flowers and all the different colors.

The matching bracelet is super cute, and it will go with a lot of other outfits too!

The jeans are so cute. They have real pockets and they have elastic in the waist. They are a perfect fit!

It is so pretty, I love Amber's attention to detail in every stitch. The length and fit are all just right, and the pants really feel like jeans. The top isn't too thin, but Saige said the fabric is nice and cool for summertime.

Saige said that when she wears this outfit, she feels comfortable yet very stylish, and all her dolly friends wanted to know where she got this outfit.

Here it is from the side. It looks great on Saige, and would look beautiful on any doll with any hair color.

The back is just a perfect as the front! The flare of the top is so pretty, don't you think?

It closes with velcro.

I would definitely recommend Exclusively Eclectic The outfit I received is excellent, very well made, and super stylish. And I love the little bracelet she included! It really makes the outfit complete. You should go take a look because there are so many cute things like shrugs and shorts and tank tops and dresses that you will love.
You can check it out here. Thank you, Amber, for sending me this beautiful outfit to review!

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  1. That is such an adorable outfit, the bracelet matches perfectly!

    1. That is SUCH an Adorable outfit! Yup that bracelet goes with it so well!

  2. You should enter it in a giveaway. I would forever envy the person who wins that. If i win i would be soooo happy. Please have this giveaway. You could ask people to submit photos of their dolls in their favorite outfits, and you could judge on creativity. Love your blog

  3. Lovely outfit. Perfect for the transition from spring into summer and from summer day to the cooler summer evenings.