Craft: Make a Doll Sized Lantern

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And now I have another craft for you! So let's get started!

We are going to make a doll sized lantern for all the summer camping your dolls will be doing.

You will need: A battery operated tea light, a little cup like a communion cup, some pixie sticks, stir sticks, or lollipop sticks, craft foam, and hot glue and glue gun.

Take your tea light candle...

And glue the cup on top of it facing down, and try to clean up the excess glue.

Now take 3 circles o craft foam, 2 will be the same size, then 1 slightly larger.
You have to see how big the bottom of your cup is, trace it for the 2 matching circles, then just
cut another one slightly bigger. If you find a lid or something else that would fit on
your cup instead of craft foam, that's fine too.

Glue them together like this.

Glue them to the top of the lantern.

Now take your pixie sticks, which are a little firmer than stir sticks....

And fold 2 exactly alike, just so they will fit on either side of your lantern, and the 3rd one will be
the handle. My 2 side pieces are about 1 1/2" and the handle is about 3".

Glue one of the sides on like this with hot glue.

Then the other one to match.

Then your handle. (Yes, I changed the shape of fit.)

That's it!

Now your doll will have a lantern that really works.

Saige tried it out in the tent.

She thinks it will by very handy this summer.

I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. You are amazing! How do you come up with this stuff?! ~Leah

    1. Hey Leah, did you know your name is the name of the 2016 Girl Of The Year?

  2. Once again you made a very cool craft! I love the lantern, so cute and creative and your photos are always good!

  3. Oh my goodness! That is totes adorbs! I need to try it!

  4. Amaya! this is bad news, AG announced they are retiring Ivy, Marie-Grace and Cecile, and Ruthie!!!!!!!!!!!! plus they are changing the historical books to something called Beforever. Please tell me what you think of this!!!! oh no, i have to get Ruthie and Cecile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Well I'm not crazy about the word "beforever," but I think if they are retiring those dolls, they might be coming out with some new ones. So I am kind of excited to see what they come out with! I do want to get Ruthie before she retires!

  5. Cute! Where did you get the overalls?

  6. I love seeing your crafts! They never cease to amaze me.

  7. nice craft, i made one the other day. Anyway, i think AG is doing what is best for it. I think they needed to change the HC name to something better, which im not crazy about beforever but i think it works. I have heard rumors about Grace Thomas coming out this fall? has anyone heard any more about it? Grace thomas is potential new HC doll.

  8. A girl and her dollsAugust 5, 2015 at 7:40 AM

    Ahhh! Genius! I am going to make this like NOW! I love it!!!!!!

  9. I would love to use your images for a lesson I am writing for an after school care program based in Texas.