Happy Memorial Day!

 Howdy! Today, my dolls decided to have a little Memorial Day Lunch! Let's take a look 
at what my dolls are doing!

 While the rest of the dolls were cleaning and getting dressed, Mckenna and June decided to 
fix some lunch! Mckenna: "This looks so good, doesn't it, June?" June: "Yeah! I love your outfit by the way!" Mckenna: "Thanks! I like yours too!"

 Coconut, of course, wanted to help! But Mckenna and June didn't want him to eat all the food. :)

 My dolls, for some reason wanted to eat lunch on my desk. But, at least they are happy LOL! :)

 Saige, I see that you're trying to sneak a quick game of Minecraft!
Saige: "I can't help it! Minecraft is the best game EVER!"
Well, Saige, can't argue with you there, just please put it down!
Saige: "Fine. A creeper just blew up my house anyway and I don't have enough stuff to fix it."

After my dolls enjoyed their yummy lunch, they made a little poster and each doll signed it! (Including me)
I hope you enjoyed! Do you celebrate Memorial Day?

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  1. Creepers are annoying, aren't they?! Looks like you girls had a bunch of fun! Happy Memorial Day from my doll family to yours! ~Amelia~

  2. looks like your dolls had a delicious lunch!

  3. The food looks yummy! It looks like your dolls had a great Memorial Day!

  4. Happy belated Memorial Day! Looks like you had a good time.