Craft: How to Make a Doll Umbrella

Hello people! Well it's the time of year that we start having a lot of rain,
and my dolls didn't have an umbrella, so I decided to make one and show you how I did it.

This craft isn't really that hard, but you will need to do a little origami,
so I hope you like folding paper! This craft is adapted from other tutorials I have seen for mini umbrellas like for drinks or tiny dolls. I just made a bigger one for 18" dolls. Let's get started!

This is what the finished umbrella will look like.

You will need: 2 12 x 12 pieces of cardstock paper, glue (I ended up using just the glue gun glue), duct tape, a bead, scissors, a thin dowel, slightly bigger than a skewer.

I found the biggest plate I could to fit almost edge to edge on my paper. Trace it.
And for the second circle, you will need to find a bowl or something to trace a slightly smaller circle.

Cut them both out.

Start folding it in half one way, then unfold and fold in half the other way.

Then with your paper folded into a semi-circle, fold the two sides in to make a semi-semi-circle. lol

Unfold and do that again with the other side, so you have 8 creases in all.

Here is what you will have.

Then, as my little brother is showing you, take one of the sections
and fold it again into itself to make another crease. Unfold, and do that with all 8 sections.

So now you'll have this. You should now have 2 of these, one is slightly smaller.
I forgot to take a photo of them both side by side.

Make a hole in the center with something pokey.

Stick your dowel in that you have already cut to about 14" long.
Also, I painted mine white. This is optional. 

Poke it through, and hot glue a bead on and also glue the bead to the paper
by putting some hot glue on the top and under side to keep the umbrella from sliding down.

Now take the smaller circle that has already been folded the same way, and make these cuts:
With the circle folded up with just 1 crease showing in the middle, cut into it pretty far,
but not all the way. Careful, you don't want to chop it off. :)
Do it on both sides like you see in the photo, cutting almost to the middle.

When you unfold it, it will look like this.

Push the middle in like this, and fold the outer part the opposite direction.

Like so.

You will have this. No, this is not a lemon juicer. lol

Poke into the center.

Slide it onto the umbrella, keep the folds going in the opposite directions like the photo above.
Glue the outer part to the umbrella, matching the folds together. Keep your middle part pooched.
Then take a strip of duct tape and fold it onto itself so it isn't sticky, and just wrap it tightly around right under the under part of the umbrella. Wrap it a couple times so it's a little thick, then just tape it closed with a tiny piece off duct tape. This just kinda helps keep it in place.

That's it!

Now your doll will have her very own umbrella!

I will show you every angle.

And back.

Keep it in your doll's hand with a rubber band or rainbow loom band.

I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. The umbrella is so cute and it doesn't look like it is to hard to make, I think I will try it!

    1. Thanks! It's not really that hard :) I hope you make it!

    2. I totally agree that it's cute, but can I request a diy umbrella that isn't paper, because there are times when I don't want my doll to get wet and I wouldn't be able to use it on rainy days. I would be constantly worried of water getting on it. Still, great job! (Btw, I don't mean to offend anyone, so if I come acrossed rude, please forgive me.) I would totally use as prop for series!!!!!!

    3. Love this I'm going to make this for sure tks

  2. I was just trying to make one!! Thank-you so much!

  3. So cute! Thanks for the tutorial.

  4. Amazing and great job! You are hilarious! ~Amelia

    1. Thank you! Hehe :) I guess I have a sense of humor. :) LOL

  5. I just made it and it is beautiful! Thank you!