Pranking Chloe

Hello! Today Summer decided to have a little fun with Chloe. Chloe is staying with my dolls for a little while. And Summer wanted to make her feel LOL

"Hhhmmmm...this is going to be so funny."

"I know just where to put it."

"Whoopee cushions are sooooo much fun. Ha ha, I can't wait to see Chloe's reaction."
"I'll just put it under the sheet."

"Hahahahahhhaahahah, Chloe will never suspect."

"Hey, Summer. Whatcha doin'?"
"Oh, uh...well, if you must know, I was going to prank Chloe with this whoopee cushion."
"Ohhh! That sounds like fun! Let's do it!"

"Here, she shouldn't notice it."

"Yep, you can barely see anything."

"Quick, Summer, she's coming!"

"Chloe, hi! What's up?"
"Uh, nothing? Why are you girls acting so weird?"

"Uh, we just wanted to say that you can have my bunk tonight."

"Really?? That's so nice of you. I want to try it out right now!"

"Ok, we'll just be going then."


Chloe hollering: "Summer!!!!"

"Hahahahahha.......she had no idea!"
"No she didn't. She should feel right at home now, lol."

I hope you enjoyed!

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