My Doll "Room" Tour

Hello! I had a request to do a doll room tour, so today I am going to show you quickly my little doll "area." I don't have a doll house right now, so I just set up doll rooms and move them around and change them around. Sometimes I use foam core board, and sometimes I use the room from American Doll Room as you will see below.

Here I have set up an area beside my night stand. I had the foam core board as a wall,
but like I said, I move things around, so I can't really give you a doll house tour since
it's just a space that changes. :) My mom got the desk and chair for me on ebay.

Moving to the right is more of the bedroom area. The armoire is a garage sale find that my grandma found for me. It could be a kitchen cabinet too. We didn't paint it or anything.

And moving to the right again, you can see the American Doll Room on the right
that I am using as a kitchen right now.

It is great for setting up scenes if you don't have a doll house.
(I keep asking my dad to build me one. :) )
If you want to see the review I did on it, click here.

And to the right of that is my doll loft bed.
Here is the loft bed tour I did.

And panning out, you can see the whole area. That is my "room" tour for now. I will be sure update you if I get a doll house or something.
I hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. You got nice doll space! Where did you get the white bunkbed?

    1. Thanks, my dad made the bunk bed.

  2. Your doll space is so cute!

  3. I lovvvvvve your room tour!!! Is all your AG furniture from American Girl?

    1. Thank you. No, most of it is not from AG. The desk and chair is AG. The loft bed and other bed, my dad made. And the kitchen furniture is Our Generation.

  4. where did you get the laptop ive seen it on other blogs did you make it?

  5. where did you get the laptop ive seen it on other blogs did you make it?