Hide N' Seek Photostory

Hey everyone! Today, my dolls decided to play Hide N' Seek!

 "Hey June, let's play Hide N' Seek!"
"Great, I'll hide first and count to 100."


(Thinks to self) "I wonder where I should hide...."

"She'll never find me in all these blankets!"

".....100! Ready or not, here I come!"


"She can't be in here because it's WAY too messy!"

"I bet I know where she is..."

"Heh, heh, or not."

*June coughs* 
(Thinks to self: GREAT, she'll find me!)



"Oh well, you hide now Sarah!"

"Hmm.. where should I hide?"

 (Oh yeah! June said we could hide in the family room AND the craft room!" 

"I'll need to ask Amaya to "doll-proof" this house soon." LOL

 (Oh, a giant empty box: perfect hiding area!)

"Psst, Amaya! Can you close the box for me?"
"Sure, Sarah. :)"

 "Oh GREAT! I forgot to close the door for the craft room! June will get SO suspicious."

"She forgot to close the door! And, I just KNOW she's in that box!"

"Found you!"

Do you like playing Hide N' Seek?

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  1. I played manhunt with my cousins for easter, I had a blast. Where did you get June's shorts?

    1. That sounds fun. June's shorts are from an AG pajama set. I don't know the name of it but it's American Girl.

  2. Great photo story. Hide and seek is a great game.

  3. Hide and seek IS very fun, I feel like playing that with my dolls now!