Fun with the Sun Outfit Review with DreamWorld Collections




Are you ready for summer? It is starting to warm up, and it's time to think about what your dolls are going to wear to the beach. DreamWorld Collections has kindly sponsored me with this ADORABLE outfit to review for you.

So stylish, right?
You don't need to look any further for cute swimwear for your doll!
DreamWorld Collections has plenty of summery outfits to choose from.

I love everything about this set. It is really adorable.

The fabric is real bathing suit fabric, and the zebra stripes are so cool.

It comes with the matching towel which is super soft,
and matching flip flops that are so cute!

It was a little hard to keep the hair out of her face with the wind.
But doesn't she look pretty? I think the bottom would be a great mix-and-match piece too!

How cute are these? They look so summery and pretty.

Saige just loves how the towel has a flower that matches the flip flops.

Saige wants to remind you of this:
Safety first--don't forget the sunscreen before going to the beach!
(No, the sunscreen is not included, but you will have fun pretending with your own mini find, I'm sure!)

Perfect! And they have a clear strap in the back to keep them on.

The flip flops, bottom/skirt, and towel all have this pretty pink flower to dress up this outfit.

It's a perfect fit, and I love how it looks just like the ones they have for real girls.

The top ties in the back behind the neck, for a secure fit.

The towel also has pretty pink stitching/trim around it.
So many cute details!

I would totally recommend this set. Your doll is going to need something stylish for the beach very soon.
Thank you so much, Edyta, for sponsoring me with this beautiful outfit to review.

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  1. oh that is so cute, I may buy it!

    1. If you do buy it you will not be disappointed.

  2. Whats the app at the bottom of your blog called that says where people are viewing your blog from?

    1. Go here: and choose the one you like.

  3. That set is so cute, I love the flower embellishments!

  4. That set is extremely adorable! The zebra print with the pink embellishments is so very stylish.