Doll Sized Find

Hello! I had a couple people  ask about the pancake syrup in yesterday's post,
so I thought I'd post about it today so you can get one of your own!

Here is the cute little doll sized syrup you might have seen in a couple of my posts.

It came from Target! It is the Target brand called "Archer Farms" and it is so tiny!

We got it last year when we went to Tennessee. We had waffles in our cabin with this syrup.

And it's perfectly doll sized, so why throw it away? :)

Now my dolls can have some yummy syrup on their pancakes,
and now you know where to find it too!

So try some of this rich, delicious syrup today, only at Target!

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  1. can you do a tutorial/doll sized find, whichever it is, on the pancakes with bananas for your dolls.

  2. Wow! Great finds!

  3. Please do a tutorial for the pancakes?