Craft: Make a Microwave for Your Doll

 Hello! Today I have a craft for you that was requested by someone via the blogger contact form
on my blog. She requested a microwave. So let's get started!

You will need: 
1. A box that is about 6 to 8" wide, and 4 to 6" tall, and 4 to 6" deep. (The reason it varies is that you might want one slightly smaller to fit on your doll's kitchen. But mine is a little larger because it is really the correct size for an 18" doll and I wanted to be able to fit plates into it. Just look around for a box that looks like a good one for your doll's microwave.)
2. Scissors
3. Paper in the color of your choice (or paint)
4. Contact paper (if you are using paper instead of paint)
5. Glue (Aleene's and glue gun) and paint brush to spread the glue
6. Pixie Straw, popsicle stick, or other item for the handle
7. Printable of Microwave Buttons
8. Clear plastic from packaging
9. Clear plastic lid for the microwave plate
10. Velcro stickers
11. Optional: Push light
Note: Duct tape in photo is not needed

Take your box and make sure it's all taped up on all sides.

If you want to paint your box, that would be easier, but my box had too much tape and would not
be smooth if I just painted it. So first I covered the white paper in contact paper, then cut it to the size to cover my box. You will need more than one piece. I chose white to go with my doll's kitchen, but you could also use black or gray/silver.

Next, I cut an opening with 3 sides to be the door. Make sure you trace a straight line first, and don't cut the 4th side. Cut the opening all the way to the edge. Next, cut a rectangle out of the door, which I forgot to take a photo of. Trace straight lines so it's straight.

Now start covering your box in glue. (or you can paint it)

Cover it very neatly, folding over the edges and gluing them down.You have to do this all around.

Like so. Cut a 45 degree angle, and fold and glue.

Trim off excess, keep gluing. You get the idea. :)

Next, cut a pixie straw or painted popsicle stick so that you have 2 tiny pieces that are the same size, and one longer piece.

Glue them on like this.

Then glue it on like this. lol
(And here you can see that it's all covered now. Almost done!)

Now take the clear packaging plastic and cut a rectangle slightly larger than the hole in the door.

And glue it to the inside of the door.

Now, I forgot to take photos of one step: I painted the inside white!
Ok, next: I glued a velcro sticker to the inside so that it will attach to the one that I glued on the inside of the door.

Here are both of the velcro stickers that will stick to each other to keep the door closed.

Next, I printed an image of some microwave buttons. I found one here. I printed it at index x20 wallet size.

Cut it out.

Glue it on.

Like so.

I used a plastic lid from a container for the microwave plate.

That's it! Now your doll can finally reheat that Thanksgiving turkey!
I was going to put a push light in the top, but I didn't have one. This is optional.

Hey, don't some people eat turkey for Easter?

"Maybe 10 minutes is long enough."

At first I made a pink handle to go with my doll's kitchen.
But then I decided to take it off and put this silver one on which is just a popsicle stick that I painted.

I think the silver one is the one I will stick with.

I hope you enjoyed!

 What in the world?? Ick!!

"I'm sure nobody was really going to eat this."

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  1. I need to make this! Its so cute!

  2. So cute, my froggy stuff did one like it before.

  3. Too cute! I am going to have to do this! Where did you get the green apples in the glass bowl?

    1. Thanks, they were on clearance at the craft store.

  4. That's so adorable! Making this! Could you do a mini fridge to go along with it?

  5. So cute and a perfect size for 18" dolls! I am going to make this for sure.

  6. I already made I was looking on your blog and it popped and I made right when I saw it

  7. hey just an idea could you make one of those big TV's for your doll that's the last thing my doll house needs

  8. Hi!
    The Micowave is so cool! I will have to make it sometime!

  9. Love it! I'm going to try to make this barbie sized out of a bog that a ring came in or something. Too cute!

  10. I meant box, not bog.

  11. super cute! I definitely need to try this:)