Mix and Match

Hello!  Today Summer is going to be modeling the DreamWorld Collections sweater
for you with different combinations that I have named. This sweater comes with some
super cute leggings and boots, but I thought it would be fun to try it with different bottoms
too since it is such a great sweater for mixing and matching.
Comment below with your favorite outfit!

Outfit #1: School Girl
Includes--DreamWorld Collections sweater, AG jeans, AG shoes from the JLY meet outfit

Outfit #2: Horse Riding Adventure
Including: DreamWorld Collections sweater,
pants from SewLikeBetty, boots from AG JLY meet outfit.

 Outfit #3: Going Out
Including--DreamWorld Collections sweater, leggings, and boots,
skirt from American Girl, belt is a real bracelet

Outfit #4:  Dream Girl
Including--DreamWorld Collections sweater, AG store exclusive capris,
boots from AG JLY meet outfit.

I love the sweater because it looks great with so many things!
So what do you think? Which was your favorite combination?

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  1. The fringe on the boots and skirt, the belt, and the leggings all look so cute with that top, #3 is my favorite!

  2. I loved the first, second, and fourth combinations!! (:

  3. Thanks for voting, girls! So far #4 is winning.

  4. All of these outfits are great. Love #3 best then #4, #1, and #2.