How to Set Up/Make a Doll Hair Salon

Hello! I had a craft request from Ralissa for salon ideas/crafts. So I set up a doll salon,
and I will show you how I did it.

Here is Mckenna ready to have her hair cut.
As you can see, I mostly used stuff I had around the house.

I used a box for the counter, which I usually use as an island in my doll kitchen.
And my dad has this old mirror that is supposed to stick to the shower wall, but it fell down, lol.
It works great on top of the counter. It even lights up all around the mirror, but I didn't have batteries.
It will look just like a salon mirror with the lights on!

The scissors are an eraser. But little scissors from a sewing kit would work great too!
And the clip was a mini claw clip I found one day at the store. You can find mini clips almost everywhere.

I used mini bottles of shampoo and stuff from hotels.
And the towel on Mckenna is really a doll sized towel.
But a regular washcloth would work great.

And I put an old black piece of fabric over summer to protect her from hair.
It is actually a bag made out of fabric that something came in.
My mom let me cut holes in it for the sleeves.

Mckenna is happy with her new hair cut.

Now she's ready to go anywhere.

The backdrop, you might have seen in other posts. It is foam core board from the craft store covered in contact paper.

And the chair is one that I made. I will show you how coming up next time!
I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Cool! I can't wait to see how to make that chair!

  2. 0_o THAT CHAIR IS AWESOME! This set-up is super cute!

  3. chair! chair! chair! #awkwardcomments :)

  4. Cute...looking forward to tutorial on chair too

  5., love, LOVE this! :D Another thing you could use in a Spa or Salon is those free mini soaps you can get when you stay in a hotel! :D

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  7. I nominated you for the leibster award on my blog!

  8. Cute! I love the chair! Can't what to see how to make it:)

  9. This is great. You have the best props and settings. A very crafty mind too...I'd never be able to think of making all the things you do. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

    1. Thanks, I really appreciate it. I enjoy it a lot!