Craft: Make a Toy Mouse for Your Doll's Pet

Hello! You might remember when I did the tutorial for Licorice's Play Tower.
Well today is part 2: I will show you how to make the little toy mouse that comes with the play tower.
See that little mouse? I made my own version, and it's really easy!

You will need: polymer clay in black, gray (or black and white) and pink.

First, mix your black and white together to make a light gray if you don't already have gray.
Just keep mashing it and smashing it and mixing it until it's soft and all mixed up.

Then roll your gray clay into a ball about 1" in diameter.
Make sure you have a little leftover for later.

Now just sorta shape it into an egg shape with one end skinnier like this.
Kinda press down a little so the bottom is a little flat.

Now take the leftover gray and get two more little chunks for the ears.

Roll them into balls.

Now flatten them out with your finger or something.

Now take two tiny pink pieces and roll them into little balls too.

Flatten them out too.

Place them on top of the gray flattened circles and smash down just a little.

Stick them on the mouse body. Try not to mess them up while you try to stick them on.
They sell liquid polymer that you can use like glue, but if you put them on well, they will stay.

Now take two little black "crumbs" and roll them into balls, and do the same with a tiny piece of pink.

Stick them on for a face!

Now take one more tiny piece of gray.

And roll it into a long skinny tail. If you have too much, just cut some off.

Stick it on the mouse, and try to smooth it out so it stays on.
The shorter you make the tail, the less chance of it breaking off. I think mine is a little long. :)

Now bake it in the oven according to what the package says.
Ask your parents for help with this part.

Take it out and let it cool. You can glaze it if you want.
That's it!

Licorice is ready to play!

She's a happy cat.



I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. That mouse is cute, I'm going to have to get some polymer clay and try to make one!

  2. Hey! I nominated you for Liebster Award! Look here for more info:

    Amelia Grace

    1. Thank you, how nice of you. I really appreciate it!

  3. Fabulous! Love it! It looks purrrrfect.

  4. I love this idea, I may even use it for my webkinz cats.

  5. Same, sarah! Its soo cute!

  6. I love that, its adorable!