Craft: Make a Doll Salon Chair

Hi people! First of all, two of you guessed the right answer on yesterday's post. Anonymous, and Ilse both said the water gun! And even though you didn't guess what it was supposed to be, you were right about the water gun! I didn't have a hair dryer, so I used a mini water gun as a prop. I haven't come up with a craft for that yet. :)

Today I will show you how I made the salon chair, which can also be an office chair.
But I lost some of my photos, so I am going to do the best I can for this tutorial.

You will need craft foam in the color you choose, hot glue and glue sticks, scissors, and if you have some firm wire and wire cutters it is helpful too.
(Thick floral wire should work if you don't have anything thicker.)

First, take your craft foam and cut out a semi-circle shape with another semi-circle cut out of it like this. Mine is about 12" wide by 7". And the other cut out is about 4 1/2" wide.

Now cut out some wire (ask your parents for help) almost long enough to fit around the foam like this.
The wire is going to help support your doll so she doesn't flop out of the chair.

Next cut out your seat. Use your doll to measure. It should be about 6" across in the front and
the back should fit into the cut out semi-circle like a puzzle. I don't know what to call this shape, but the seat will be wider and flatter on one end, and narrower and curvy on the other end.
I ended up cutting two of these for the seat, exactly the same, and I put one on top sort of like the cushion and to cover the glue in the back. (Again, no photo this time.)

Like I said, I lost some of my good photos, but this one should make sense.
Curl the outer edge of the semi-circle piece around the wire and hot glue it in place.
Try to be neat and hide any glue/edges by curling/gluing more if you need to.

Here it is almost done.
You should have the arm/top of the chair looking like this.
And as you can see, I glued some brown trim around it.

I was going to use an empty can that washed out for the base, but then I thought this candlestick would work.

I flipped it upside down.

Put some glue on the candlestick edge.

And placed the seat on.
That's it!

You could also use a wooden candlestick and paint it the color you want.
This one didn't need to be painted.

 I hope you enjoyed!

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  1. Hahaha! I saw the water gun but I thought it was suppose to be there! lol GREAT craft! love it! :D

    1. lol, I thought more people would notice it was the wrong prop. Thanks!

  2. Awesome job! :) It turned out really nice!

  3. Awesome, that chair looks so real!

  4. Cool Amaya will u do another hairstyle tutorial.

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, I hope you enjoy making it.

  6. Awesome! I have to do this!!! Your blog is my favorite!

  7. Amazing! Thank you for sharing the details.

  8. I tried to make it, but instead of fitting my ameican girls ,it fit my barbie!

    1. Uh oh, you can try again! Make sure the seat is at least 6" wide.

  9. Wow, I like that even better than the real AG one! This one is way more creative!

  10. That's amazing! I am going to try it.

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