All My Doll Pets

Hi! I told you that I would introduce all of my doll's pets, so here we go!
Here are all six of them. It was hard to get them to all pose nicely. They kept trying to mess around.


My first pet was Coconut. I got her for my birthday
when I went to the American Girl Place in Chicago.

My next pet was Licorice. My mom got her for me
for my birthday along with the Licorice play outfit.

She is usually a very good cat. :)

I have had Caramel for a while, and I was going to get rid of her, then I realized I didn't want to.
I am now really happy that I kept her. She is very sweet.

See how sweet she is? She was kind of shy about being on my blog. :)

Next is Scotty. All my pets have sweet treat names,
so Scotty is from "butterscotch" and scotty dog. he he

He's a great pet to have, and loves being part of our American Girl gang.

Marshmallow...Marshmallow....what a funny dog!
We love her around here. She loves to do pranks.

And last is Chocolate. My friend gave her to me recently, so she is my newest doll pet.

She is kind of shy and really sweet.

And that's all of my doll pets! I hope you enjoyed!

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