Valentine Photo Contest

Hi! I loved all the photos you all took of your dolls ready for Valentine's Day.
Here are all of the photos that were sent in for the contest!

Chloe sent in this great group photo of all her dolls.

Izzy sent this fun photo in. How cute!

Sent in by Sophie:
"Our dolls Catherine and Marie-Noƫlle are sending all their love to yours!"

How sweet!

The cute photo is of Grace and her dolls Josefina and Elizabeth, sent in by Annie.

This one was sent in by Molly. Her two dolls (from left Elsie and Emily) are dressed up
in pink for Valentine's Day and are showing how much they love each other. :)

This one was sent in by Tea Time with Melody Q. The dolls are looking very lovely.

These were sent in by Linda.
Her dolls are having a tea party and it looks like a lot of fun!

This one was sent in by Meghan. So cute!

Here is a photo of Katie's doll all dressed up in red. So pretty!

Those were all great, and it will be so hard to choose a winner.
I will announce the winner tomorrow. And the winner of the Shop on Leighton Avenue giveaway will be announced Saturday. Today is your last day to enter!

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  1. thanks for posting my pic! I love all the others!

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for entering, yours was so cute!

  2. These are really great pictures. I love them all.