Craft: Quick Doll Salt and Pepper Shakers

Hey everyone! Today, I am going to show you this really simple, yet adorable doll salt and pepper shaker craft!
I can barely even call it a craft because there isn't much to do.

Here is what they look like.
This craft was inspired by American Girl's new Dining Table Accessory set.

You will need:
Two mini jars (We had these bottles of glitter that worked perfectly.)
 Colored sand or glitter
A black paint pen

 Take your two mini jars and fill them with glitter or colored sand in black and white,
or you could even use real salt. The package of glitter you see above already had black and white glitter, so I left it in. Then, with your paint pen, just put a few dots on for "holes."

That's it! Cute but simple!
Stay tuned for a giveaway coming up!!

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