Craft: Make a Simple Heart Wreath for Your Doll

 Hi! Today I have a quick little decoration for your doll's house. I am going to show you how to make a simple Valentine wreath for your doll!

You will need:
  • some floral wire that looks like twigs. (My mom already had this from another project. She got it at Joann Fabrics in the floral aisle where they have the stems and other wire.)
  • wire cutters
  • glue gun and glue sticks
  • pretty ribbon
A close up of how the floral wire looks.

Ask for a parent's help for this part. Take the wire and cut it about 14 1/2" long.

Yep, about 14 1/2"!

Now cut 2 more, for a total of 3.
Try to straighten them out neatly together.

Now start twisting! Be careful not to poke yourself on the ends.

Twist all the way to the end.

Now fold it right in the middle.

And try to crease it as much as you can for a pointy bottom.

Now open it up into a "V."

And start to curve the two ends in.

Fold them in an down into a heart shape like this!
Overlap the two ends, and you can glue them together with hot glue, but I didn't.

Now take your pretty ribbon and wrap it around the middle and put a dab of glue to keep it on.

Now just twist all the way around the heart.

Like this! At the end, put another dab of glue to keep it glued down.

There was a little bit of leftover ribbon, so I made a little bow and glued it on.
That's it!

Your doll now has a cute little decoration to hang anywhere.

Sarah knows just where to put it.

Right in the window. All her guests will like this "love"ly greeting. :)


Are you ready for Valentine's Day?

Sarah sends all her love to all of you!

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